Hermes with their Hermes necklace horn is one of the most renowned and refined fashion brands in the world. It is currently a family holding company with 8500 people staff. For some, the Hermes necklace horn logo of a Duc carriage with a horse is no relation to luxury goods. Hermes began as a harness workshop back in 1837 that’s where the logo meaning come from. Serving French nobleman and Europe’s finest wrought harness for the carriage trade. The company grew by the time and they realized that they need to create a unified brand design to appeal to their modern luxury customers.


hermes necklace horn logo

The Hermes logo of a Duc carriage with a horse supposed to remind of the origin of the company as a saddlery manufacturer back in 1837.


The Hermes emblem wasn’t exactly created from scratch. A lot of sources mention that the designers who created it used a drawing Hitched Carriage, Waiting Groom or Le Duc Attele, Groom a L’Attente as a source of inspiration. He is French portrait and animal painter Alfred de Dreux (1810 -1860). If we compare these two pictures, we can certainly notice a remarkable resemblance between these two.


The cream and gold shades were the original color until the paper board supplier run out those two colors. After the world war two, Hermes has been associated with a comparatively soft shade of orange for more than half a century. It started using the company boxes in the 1950s.Soon after that, the boxes became one of the vital elements of Hermes’s visual identity. This orange color became the signature color because was so bright, noticeable and cheerful, The company uses that for their logo as well.

More story about the logo of Hermes necklace horn

Letter type

Hermes logo might appear without any inscriptions. However, in many cases, there is a tagline in the printed advertisements. The brand prefers to use the French version of its name Hermès in order so people know that the brand is from France. You can often identify Hermes fakes by looking at their logo especially on the second E part. On the real one, only on the second E is accented but many fakes make the mistake of accenting the word and got mixed up.

The antique handwriting scripts were changed to modern type face in 1951. It is slightly different version of a Memphis font created by Rudolf Wolf in 1929.

hermes necklace horn

Conclusion from the logo of Hermes necklace horn

Hermes as a brand has managed to survive longer than other luxury brands. Their devotion to natural materials and quality production is amazing. Even though the Hermes Paris logo is not as old as the company, it creates the senses of elegance and tradition that promotes the company reputation. This famous logo manages to recall to the variety of products offered by Hermes while creating a brand image as a whole. Needless to say, the logo on the Hermes necklace horn has a powerful meaning for their loyal customers.

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