A plain white shirt is really perfect to match with your double horn pendant necklace. The woman just loves white shirt. In fact, the amount of white shirt is nearly the same as the black shirt. Most of the woman having this color at least one in their closet. It becomes as popular as a black shirt because this color can fit into whatever your style is.The white shirt can make your layering necklace looks, even more, stand out.

Stacking and wear the plain white shirt with multiple necklace layering on top of each other can give a little bolder look. A woman will look more stunning with the edgy twist that top up their style into the next level.

double horn pendant necklace black

Double horn pendant necklace is perfect match with any white outfit

A jewelry trend that is still trending on this season is layering necklaces. You can layer the necklaces from a single necklace with connected multiple strands or by mixing the color. Whatever the way that you want to style yourself, adorning your neck with multiple layers of necklaces is quite an art to the one who saw it.

There are some inspirational ways to create that layered look to make you look more fashionable.

1.Layering the necklace by Trend

You can pick multiple necklaces being layered and all looks hanging on the neck nicely because they all belong to the same trend. Don’t mix the romantic style with the boho style for example. Try to mix the stones and the leather and also match it with the style of your clothes and the hairstyle. This looks can really capture this trend.

2.Layering the necklace by shapes

Try to combining the multiple strands  to create statements through their shapes

  1. The layering of all the necklace from connected multiple strands
  2. Try to layering the piece of stones and gems stone
  3. Mixing it with a long necklace

If you are aiming for the minimalist look but don’t want your outfit to look too plain and boring, you can use a long double horn necklace. A white shirt can make the color palette is quite limited only to the softer and neutral tones. To spice up the white shirt, the best way is by adding long necklace mixing with other shorter necklace. Try to mix it with a minimalist long necklace. The white shirt will just get the right touch for elegant without taking away the simple vibe.

double horn pendant necklace gold

Chunky double horn pendant necklace, why not?

This minimalist and chunky necklace meant to be worn as a fresh glimmer to brighten up a classic no-frills white shirt. This kind of style can be part of the daily uniform. Bella Hadid and Kim Kardashian seem to wear theirs all the time. This style is simple enough that it won’t clash with whatever you  pull out from the closet, but still flashy enough to give anything you  wear a kick. 

It’s also a good idea to mixed the plain necklace with a chunky statement necklace.The easy way to make a plain white shirt look chic and beautiful is by wearing a chunky statement necklace with it. Don’t forget to pair it with your favorite bottoms to get a look that is simple yet elegant. You can also take this opportunity to use your chunky double horn pendant necklace to strength the touch of color to your plain white shirt outfit.


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