An electric bicycle or an e-bike is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor which can be used manually by using the pedal. There are a great variety of e-bikes available worldwide, from e-bikes that only have a small motor to assist the rider’s pedal-power to more powerful e-bikes which tend closer to moped-style functionality. All this type, however, retain the ability to be pedaled by the rider and are therefore not categorize as  electric motorcycles

The success of the e-Bike was first demonstrated in Hamburg, Germany in 2012, where UPS focused on developing a new and sustainable method of delivering goods to urban areas. The UPS placed four containers at central locations in the city for interim storage of packages for UPS drivers. From these points, deliveries were made on foot or with specialized electronically-assisted cargo tricycles that ease traffic congestion and reduce emissions. Due to the success of the pilot, the Hamburg program has been extended. That model serves as the prototype for the eBike in Pittsburgh.


electric bicycle electric bicycle

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