Being Eco-Friendly is do something that does not harm the environment or do something safe for the earth. Something could refer to a variety of products, especially those that contribute to preserving resources such as energy and water. The product also needs to minimize damage or pollution in air, land, and water. We can apply eco-friendly attitude when utilizing these resources.


It is not easy to be more environmentally friendly, but thanks to modern innovation and creativity, eco life is now easier. Do you want to make the environment better? This is a few tips how to become more eco-friendly.



On average, human being generates two kilograms of garbage every day, by making a recycling priority, you can help reduce the amount of garbage every day. Try to avoid drinking utensils or anything from plastic that is only worn once.


Create a More Natural Condition

The outside of the house will look beautiful if you make it more natural and there are many ways to do that, can be by arranging natural-style outdoor furniture, such as a fish pond or a beautiful birdcage.


Turn On the Lamp In Time

Although light is an important thing at home, leaving it on can continue to be a waste of unnecessary energy. Now there is a technology that can set when the light turns on and off automatically. During the day use the outside light from the sun as a house light. And unplug any phone cable or charger when finished.

Caring for the Park

You may not be the most environmentally conscious person in the world, but by designing and caring for the garden can grow a sense of respect for the environment and keep the earth green. Plant some vegetables, fruits, and flowers, this would be fun when you see and feel the results.


Go Vintage

Buy used goods to reduce excess consumption, such as furniture or used home decorations that are still useful. This can help reduce waste and beautify your home as well.


Choose Eco-Friendly Home Accessories

When you start decorating your room, kitchen, bathroom or other room in your home, think about choosing more eco-friendly accessories and using recycled materials. Carrying a bag from home when shopping at a supermarket is a wat to avoid the use of plastic in the supermarket. Donate toys that are not used to others. Use a food container that can be used repeatedly.


Fix Damaged Goods

Try to fix first the damaged items in your home, before you throw them away. Broken desk legs, ragged sofa fabric or faded cabinet paint, try to fix before you think about throwing away and buying new ones, this is a good thing that helps a better environment.


Use Public Transport

Keep your car, and switch to public transport such as trains or buses, or you can use a bicycle. This can help reduce the air pollution.

Let’s do these steps to keep the earth more comfortable place to live in.


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