The woman just loves gold Italian horn necklace. But how to prevent the coloration on that gold material? Here are some tips for you.

Metal abrasion

Try switching the make-ups and see if the problem goes away. Remove your gold horn necklace while applying cosmetics. Then wash your hands to remove any cosmetics residue before you put on your necklace.

Corrosion of metals

If you are in an area that can cause you to sweat, remove your gold horn necklace often and use an absorbent powder. Please make sure it does not have abrasives in it. Put the powder on your fingers or any part of the skin that has gold jewelry on it.

Remove all your jewelry include your necklace before using cleaning compounds,  soap, and detergents. Clean your gold horn necklace often.

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Gold Italian horn necklace and how to protect from the side effect of alloy

If the situation still has not improved, please consider switching to a higher karat gold, such as 18K. 18K gold means it contains 75% pure gold with 25% comprised of alloys. Gold 14 k means 14K has 42% alloys. Fewer alloys in your jewelry will help with the corrosion. Otherwise, go with platinum. Discoloration will probably never happen with a platinum jewelry. Another best option is to go with natural materials such as horn jewelry because it won’t contain any metal part. It’s 100 percent natural sources.

Get your gold horn necklace rhodium plated on the inside part that can touch your skins. This will work. The cost will run you about $50 – $70. But please bear in mind that it won’t last forever. It does wear off from friction and will need to be plated again from time to time.  The gold material can turn black from gold colors.

Lastly, some people will apply a coating to the inside or where it touches the skin with nail polish. This acts as a barrier between the metal of the necklace and your skin.

gold Italian horn necklace

Why people love gold Italian horn necklace compared to silver material

Gold is not produced by national governments which means that it can be bought and sold with complete anonymity. That makes it an important commodity for a variety of different reasons. It also means that gold’s price constantly on the move and aren’t necessarily driven by the same factors as other financial assets. If gold supply low and demand remains the same, its price will rise as demand outstrips supply. If demand low but supply remains the same, gold’s price will go down.

Demand for gold can be affected by many factors, but there are two important factors associated with movements in the gold price :

*The price of the US dollar

If the value of the US dollar drop against other currencies, traders will often buy gold instead. With all else being constant, this would see gold’s price racking up. The opposite is also true that if the US dollar is rising then the allure of gold can drop.

*Financial and Geopolitical uncertainty

Gold is often referred to as a crisis commodity. This is because its value is not really tied to market or political factors than other assets. As traders buying gold gold Italian horn necklace in uncertain times, its price often increases and it may affect other investments.

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