To all the woman who ever been to France or live in France can tell how the French woman dresses up and the way they match their French horn necklace. They have quite a different way than American woman do. It is not that they are are wearing per se but how they are wearing the trends. The French woman just dresses quite differently than another country like in America include how the match their outfit with their French horn necklace.

The French maybe say that it all comes down to a certain indefinable je ne sais quoi (a quality that cannot be described or named easily). Try to look long enough at French women with how they dress up. At the end, you’ll realize there are key differences that set France’s Femmes apart — and rules and style that other country can import from them.

french horn necklace adreanna

French look is so adorable with french horn necklace

-Before you leave the house, take a look in the mirror and take one thing off is the rule from Chanel. Most French women apply that rules when it comes to mix and match all of their fashion from outfit to their French horn necklace

-French women prefer makeup that doesn’t shout for attention even when it comes to red lipstick.

– When French women choose to wear sneakers they will pick more subtle colors.

– Wearing all black is France’s specialty: While American women pick a focal point, the French women play with a texture like nobody’s business.

– When a French woman wears fur, it’s the loudest part of their outfit. Americans are normally pairing that big furry jackets with other things such as tights and sky high boots.

– French woman wear prints in the  softer ways while Americans are brave enough to power clash

-.French women aren’t into flashy accessories, they prefer neutrals reign supreme.

french horn necklace aqila

Another point about how to match your French horn necklace

-“Save the active wear for the gym”.

French women not wearing sports clothes like lycra pants or yoga pants for anything but sport. Because is a sign of respect to themselves and also to respect people around them.

– “Forget the trends”

French women do not fashion slaves.They will carefully review the new season’s trends and select few items to update their look, giving solid basics a new twist.

– “Go with a neutral color scheme”

You won’t see too many garish colors on the streets of France. Although all black is the classic image of French chic, other neutral colors such as tan, white, blue, gray are all popular as well. If they want to go for strong colors, they tend to pick one or two tones shades rather than vibrant bright clashes.

Most of all, the idea is to find the real you and to not be a product of what society wants you to be. Be just your own kind of beautiful, wear any outfit or something that you know it might be comfortable for you and match it with your neutral shade of French horn necklace.


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