Danau Labuan Cermin is a natural tourist attraction located in Labuan Kelambu Village, Berau, East Kalimantan. This natural tourist spot is maintained and cared for by the surrounding community with a Labuan Mirror Society Institute. The surrounding community named this lake as Danau Labuan Cermin because the water is clear and shiny like a mirror.


It took quite a long struggle journey to get here. If you are tourists from outside the island of Borneo and use airlines, you must transit in Balikpapan and continue the flight to Kalimarau Berau Airport. From Kalimarau Berau Airport you have to travel between 6 to 7 hours to get to Kecamatan Biduk-biduk, Berau. In Kecamatan Biduk-biduk, drive your vehicle to Dermaga Labuan Kelambu.


Arriving at the Dermaga Labuan Kelambu you will be greeted with a signboard that reads Welcome to Marine Tourism Area ” Labuan Cermin ” Danau Dua Rasa. From Labuan Nets Pier you must walk a short way up the wooden bridge to get to the edge of the lake. On the edge of the lake, there are several boats that have been neatly lined up and ready to take you to the Lake but will cost 100,000 / person.


During the walk along the lake with a 15-minute journey, you will be presented with a fresh aroma of leaves and forest scenery with shady trees jutting into the surface of the lake. If you’re lucky, you’ll see monkeys, beavers, or honey bears hanging over trees and fish or turtles that swim over the lake’s surface.


Arriving at this beautiful lake, you will see a wooden platform on the edge of the lake. On the wooden platform, there is a wooden booth for you to change clothes. Outside the walls of the wooden booth, there are also a snorkeling equipment and life jackets for rent to visitors. On holiday the goods are rented for 15.000 rupiahs/hour,  but on a regular day, visitors can wear without any time limitations and no additional costs.


In this lake, you can do activities, such as swimming, snorkeling, and diving. For those of you who are not proficient in swimming, snorkeling, and diving, you can relax on the with the use of a life jacket while enjoying the scenery around.


This lake is unique because it has two different type of water, above the surface of the lake is fresh water and at the bottom of the lake is salt water like salty sea water. You will also know which types of fish live in fresh water and those living in saltwater.


While diving, you will see fishes, turtles, and other aquatic animals swimming around between several types of towering logs from the bottom of the lake. If you are satisfied and tired, you can go to Labuan Kelambu Pier using boats and find a comfortable lodging.


The price of lodging in the area there, ranging from 80,000 – 250.000 / per night. There are also lodging that offers a price of 100,000 / week for backpacker group. The use of electricity is very limited and applies to all the houses and inns so the electricity will light up only at night.


The community there is very friendly and easy to mingle with the tourists who come to visit. From a brief review of the natural beauty of Labuan Mirror Lake, are you interested in it? If you do, this place is located in Labuan Kelambu Village, East Kalimantan and could be a very appropriate choice for a solo trip or for a vacation with family.


On every trip do not forget to keep and protect the nature by not damaging its beauty so it can look as beautiful as Labuan Mirror Lake.


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