Do you know the difference between ethical fashion and sustainable? What do labels like “Fair Trade certified” and “natural” mean?

There is a need for consumers to be careful about the marketing that surrounds products that are touted as “eco-friendly” and “green”.For the mindful consumer, eco-fashion is the answer to their desire to dress and look fashionable in aresponsible way.


More new termscan confusing or vague, especially because some of these are not regulated nor standardized.So, here’s the guide to help the consumer navigate the jargon-heavy world of eco-fashion.

  • Ethical fashion – An aspect of eco-fashion, it refers to the welfare and rights of employees are ensured and protected
  • Craft or artisan fashion – The production numbers in this type of fashion are highly limited and usually involve skills that have cultural and historical meaning.
  • eco-fashion/sustainable fashion – These two terms are often used interchangeably to mean a comprehensive philosophy in afashion that encompasses all facets of clothes production, with an emphasis on the “closed circle” model of production where products are made only from renewable resources and are recyclable.
  • vegan fashion – These are products that avoid the use of animal sources and animal by-products
  • upcycling – This is the transformation of previously unwanted or discarded resources into a viable product of greater value and higher quality


behind the labels eco fashion

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