Duchy Originals is a food product that was set up in 1990. This product was launched by Prince Charles the Prince of Wales, whose ingredients are coming from organic plants in Highgrove House. Prince Charles himself has been as an environmental campaigner and moved to Highgrove to develop his interest in organic farming. One of the reasons Duchy Originals was founded is to promote natural and organic food campaigns.

The first product of the Duchy Originals label is oat biscuits sold in high-end stores such as Harrods and Fortnum & Mason. The biscuits are made in their own field where oats and wheat flour come from. Additional ingredients are sunflower oil, natural sugar cane, salt, and bicarbonate soda – not yet organic for now.

During the 1990s Duchy Originals began to sell at grocery stores and then expanded in the 2000s in which Duchy Originals products were widely available in major supermarkets in the UK. Waitrose is a supermarket that became Duchy Originals’ biggest customer.

Since the first time Duchy Originals was launched, the brand is committed to producing only premium quality organic food and beverages. Prince Charles believes that ‘conventional’ agricultural and food production is essentially unsustainable in the environment over the long term. So He chose to change her home which is part of her heritage to be an organic production place.

Prince Charles’s support for organic farming is consistent with his bold statement on controversial food issues. A few years ago he defends French cheese farmhouse that made cheese from unfermented milk. This suggests that he is a loyal defender of typical regional food makers, opposing the lack of character in modern food production.

Prince Charles wanted to show how organic farming can produce high-quality food. He wanted to create a crafted English product, something unique and different, that could serve as an example of potential organic food. The hope is that farmers and food producers can see the market opportunity and follow the example.

Duchy Originals Company continues to grow and make more products. The company already sells more than 200 different organic products. Sales of its products abroad are very strong, assisted by royal connections to secure contracts to supply to the United States, France, Canada, Ireland and the Middle East.

Most of the ingredients sold by Duchy Originals were successful in leading the market, especially in terms of the production of organic biscuits, as well as pork and organic sausage. However, all the income earned from the sale of products Duchy Originals is not entered into the pockets of Prince Charles. Although Duchy Originals was founded by Prince of Wales, all the profits earned from this business were awarded to the Prince of Wales Charitable Foundation, formerly known as Prince of Wales Charities Trust, the largest charitable foundation in England.

So far, the sale of Duchy Originals products has earned more than £ 17 million in pounds and the fund is used to fund the Duchy Future Farming Program, which helps farmers develop more sustainable farming practices, as well as The Prince’s Countryside Fund, which works to secure future peoples’ people living and working in the countryside.

Duchy Originals not only showing his care about the environment but also care about the citizens he leads in. It’s not easy to be a good leader, but Prince Charles movement can be your inspiration. Leaders are not just a King or a President, you are a leader for yourself. Before you can lead other people, you have to learn how to lead yourself.


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