Annie Louise Leonard or better known as Annie Leonard was born in Seattle, Washington, in 1964 and she grew up there. Annie Louise supports the American sustainability and criticism of consumerism.


Annie Leonard graduated from Lakeside School and after that, she went to Barnard College and received her bachelor degree in 1987. After that, she received her bachelor degree from Cornell University majoring in Urban and Regional Planning.


Annie is the creator of  The story of stuff, the animated movie that describes the life cycle of material goods. Leonard has more than two decades of experience in investigating and explaining the environmental and social impacts of the goods in society: where it came from, how it came to society, and where it went after us as a society has to get rid of it


The hallmark of Leonard’s work with The Story of Stuff Project is her sharp recognition and elaboration that solving the environmental crisis that requires work to improve the current economic and political system at the expense of public health. In 2014, she became the Executive Director of Greenpeace America.


Annie Leonard’s main funding is from The Tides Foundation, an organization that takes funds from other philanthropy and then hands it over to third parties. In this way, large public charities can indirectly fund projects that members of the council may be sympathetic but the wider community – and donors funding the charity – may disagree.


Annie Leonard Career

Having previously been an intern at the National Wildlife Federation in the late 1980s, Annie Leonard began working with Greenpeace on a campaign to ban international waste dumping. She then traveled around the world to trace garbage and hazardous wastes sent from developed countries to less developed countries.


She said she had to sneak into the factories where the waste was being dumped, interview the workers, she brought the hair and soil samples to prove the deterioration of environmental health. After she tells all complete story in an interview with Cornell University.


In 1972,she testified before the US Congress on the topic of international waste trade. Workers at Greenpeace and other organizations are guided by the 1992 Basel Convention, an international treaty to protect less developed countries from the disposal of hazardous waste by transnational corporations based in developed countries.


Annie Leonard also wrote a book based on her movie, the theory of the stuff, and it was published in 2010 in the United States by Free Press of Simon & Schuster and in England by Constable & Robinson, and in Germany by Econ Verlag.


Annie Leonard’s Current Career

Annie Leonard is an Executive Director of Greenpeace USA and office headquarters are in San Francisco. In 1988, Annie Leonard began her career at Greenpeace and has helped to create a more sustainable future together.


Annie Leonard currently serves on the board of Wallace Global Fund, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Public Citizen, and Democracy Initiative. Previously she has served on GAIA, Environmental Health Fund, Grassroots Recycling Network, Global Green grants India, Greenpeace India, and the International Forum on Globalization.


Movement by Annie Leonard makes us more aware of the dangers of consumerism society because it will ultimately make the increasing waste that must be disposed of and mostly disposed into developing countries.


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