Prisia Nasution, this beautiful actress was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, June 1, 1984, from the couple Robert Nasution and Siti Sundari. Phia is already seeming a bit tomboy since childhood compared to her female friends, it is increasingly seen in her interest in Indonesian martial arts martial arts when she was sitting in junior high school.


After graduating from high school, Phia then studied at Swiss German University, BSD, Serpong, Tangerang with majoring in information technology. During her college years, many offers came to her to be a model. Though not born in a deficient family, the job offers to become the model was immediately received. Phia thinks this is one way to earn money without having to bother her parents again.


Having satisfied working in the field of modeling, Phia now explores the world of cinema, soap operas, host, and advertising. Besides busy in the world of entertainment, Phia is now busy becoming an environmental activist.


Her concern is seen in the action at the fundraising arts performances are also working with WWF in 2012. At the show, Phia looks beautiful by using a typical Papuan Amazon Cloth but has been modified because the original Amazon Clothing from Papua comes from animal fur. The shirt was changed using a material substitute the animal fur. The event was held with the aim to be able to inspire all people to love the environment.


Love of the environment is also seen in the various social events that she has participated in. Phia has always voiced the importance of saving the environment, especially on national issues such as global warming and widespread natural degradation due to illegal logging.


As an environmental ambassador, Phia also always do socialization to various regions, especially areas that still have many forests. There, Phia held a social service and counseling that essentially invites people around the forest to preserve and maintain the forest and its ecosystem.


In 2014, one of the beauty products named Kiehl’s invites Phia to share her concern for the environment by reducing the use of plastic bags and replaced with Kiehl’s Folding Bags.


Still, in the same year, Phia went to the Cisadane river, where she taught young people to care for the environment. The purpose of this is to awaken the younger generation and further to continue to maintain the environment by not throwing waste into the river and preserve the plants that exist in the surrounding river.


In addition to campaigning directly from one area to another, Phia is also aggressively voicing environmental concerns on her social media and even Phia also participated in the making of short-duration films. This short five-minute film tells the story of Indonesia’s unspoiled natural beauty that destroys and participates in preserving it.


In the year 2017, Phia also had a story about some pets such as fish, cats, and dogs at home. As an ambassador of love for the environment, many of whom she has encountered in the forest include sick and injured orangutans caused by human activities. It makes her to care and preserver for the population by taking care of them at home. After being treated well until healed, Phia immediately returned to its natural habitat.


On May 12 of each year, Phia also does not miss out on a series of Coral Day events, this event performs sea cleansing every year. In this event Phia invites people to stop sea pollution with the event does not throw garbage, do not poison the fish and do not dispose of chemical waste into the sea and promote the beauty of Indonesia sea.


As ambassadors of environmental love, Phia claimed to do so on the basis of a call from the heart. In fact, she did not get the reward in the form of each material to do environmental activities. Phia also doesn’t want to get paid to host environmental awareness events such as tree planting in some areas.


The caring soul of Prisia is so deeply ingrained in her heart. This is showed by what she had done to contribute to saving the earth and the environment. Prisia Nasution loves the environment deserves a thumbs up and we need to follow her footsteps.


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