Tasya Kamila is a popular Indonesian artist through her song “liburan telah tiba or Holiday has arrived “. Her complete name is Shafa Tasya Kamila was born in Jakarta, November 22, 1992, from the couple Gatot Permadi and Isverina.


Going into the world of entertainment is by coincidence. While still sitting on a kindergarten bench she was offered by someone to be a commercial star and escorted her to one of the advertising agencies. After participating casting for several times, Tasya also got a contract for a dairy product. Since appearing in the advertisement, Tasya began to get offers from many products, ranging from clothing ads in department stores, cheese, candy, powder, and toothpaste.


In this toothpaste advertisement, Tasya got an exclusive contract on toothpaste products in 1998. Not only became a star advertisement Tasya also often plays several roles in various soap opera titles.


Fond of singing makes Tasya took the time to tutoring in Bina Vokalia and entered the vocal school at Elfa Music School. In 2000 she had an opportunity to singing a song entitled “The Holiday Has Arrived.” This song makes her name more popular in the entertainment world of Indonesia, especially in the field of children’s music.


As a public figure, Tasya was elected ambassador of the Environment since 2005, as she can inspire the public and can express the environmental problems simply and arouse the concerns of others.


Being an ambassador for the environment makes Tasya have more curiosity in the field of environment. This understanding comes from a variety of ways, ranging from workshops, discussions with experts and ministers of the environment, reading books, knowing the updated news about the state of the environment and also knowing the circumstances surrounding the city.


By looking at and exploring the various problems that occur in the environment, she thinks that environmental issues not only about climate change, pollution, water, and energy but also conservation of endangered species in Indonesia.


Aspiring to become Minister of the Environment, after graduating from the University of Indonesia, Tasya continued her education by majoring Master of Public Administration of Energy and Environment concentration at Columbia University, New York, USA.


On campus, she is also very excited because the curriculum in her department contains a public policy on the environment. There she also apprenticed at the UN Center being Project Officer for a program called Arts and Sustainable Development. The project aims to approach and understanding sustainable development and provide environmental knowledge to the community.


Although busy with her education, Tasya also undergoes various other environmental cares activities by doing fostering to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle, plant tree seedlings, and provide knowledge about the environment to the young people.


In 2007, Tasya, Nugie, Paramitha Rusady, Baim and other artists sang the song titled “Dunia Dibagilah” by Nugie. This song is sung to inspire people’s awareness that we should share with the needy people especially in the case of lack of resources.


In 2016, Tasya also established an organization called Green Movement Indonesia. The organization is engaged in the environment through education and training. Programs that have been done by this organization in the form of coaching to schools and planting tree seedlings.


All the predicate or position possessed by a person must have an accountability, this has been shown by her. Since becoming an Environment Ambassador made her not only curious, but Tasya Kamila has also tried to deepen and do some positive actions for the environment and the surrounding community.


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