Hitachi Seaside Park, one of the tourist attractions in Japan is a public park located in Hitachinaka, Ibaraki, Japan. Park area of 190 hectares is decorated with various kinds of flowers that can spoil the eyes of anyone who sees the beauty.


The daily solid routine, of course, makes most people feel saturated and require another view that is able to cool the eyes and rest the body and mind. There are many tourist attractions that provide natural scenery that reconcile the soul and body tired, one of them is flower garden like in Japan.


Actually, the area where this flower garden is not too familiar in the ears of the world community. Ibaraki’s name among Japanese people is not too popular. A survey conducted by Brand Research Institute Inc. states that Ibaraki region is the most unattractive prefecture in Japan. This region even according to a news source ranked the last of 47 prefectures in the State Sakura, Japan.


But behind the unpopularity, there is a very beautiful viewed for the eyes in this garden. It is Hitachi Seaside Park that presents millions of colorful flowers like a sea of flowers. This place visited by many local and foreign tourists as they want to see for themselves the beauty of this nature.


The total of the park is actually 350 ha, but only 200 ha is open to the public. This vast park has a variety of colorful flowers and grasses that grow in four seasons with different charm for a full year.


The flower garden is also equipped with many other attractions and facilities, such as a mini amusement park, wide-ranging meadows, bike trails and BMX, an athletic jungle field, a grill area surrounded by natural scenery, as well as many cafes and restaurants.


Hitachi Park is famous for its Nemophila flower, known for its blooming baby blue eyes blooming out of 4.5 million bright blue flowers. The flowers bloom in spring and the peak takes place from April to May. “Nemophila Harmony” is the nickname for the blooming period of baby blue eyes that grow in this park.


In contrast to spring, during the fall, the Hitachi Seaside Park the center of the beauty of kochia. The plant is a shrub that will change color from green to reddish and grows as if forming a ball of bright beautiful red cotton balls.  In autumn also cosmos flowers and its beauty decorate the Hitachi park.


Autumn takes place around October in Japan, so if visiting on that month the carpet of kochia and cosmos flowers looks like red and pink rugs and will welcome the arrival of tourists. In addition to the three flowers mentioned earlier, there are also millions of daffodils, 170 kinds of tulips, and various other flowers.


To support eco-friendly tourist activities, visitors can use the bikes provided in this park or on foot to get around in the garden area. The mini park ‘Pleasure Garden’ can be the next stopover. Over there visitors who climbed the huge symbol of the amusement park can see Hitachi Seaside Park from a height of 100 meters.


Hitachi Seaside Park becomes a must-visit tourist destination when traveling to Japan. The important thing to remember every tourist visiting is to keep the park environment. When going to take pictures in the park area, the tourist should pay attention to the circumstances around so as not to step on or damage the plants that grow there. The sustainability of Hitachi Seaside Park desperately needs to be guarded by everyone.


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