Nugie is one of the famous singers of the 90s who is also environmentalists. Early in his career, Nugie was strongly opposed by his father because his father wanted Nugie to focus more on his study.


Although strongly opposed by his father, Nugie still continue his career and work in the field of music. Katon Bagaskara, Nugie’s brother always support and give encouragement to Nugie. Katon Bagaskara is one of the Indonesian singers, so it no surprise that Katon strongly supports him to remain in the music industry. Katon also always lend his music studio to Nugie and also the producer of Nugie’s first album in 1995.


Focusing on the world of music does not make Nugie forget his education. He finished college on time and earned a bachelor degree from FISIP University of Indonesia. This graduation is dedicated to his beloved father to prove to his father that the music world does not prevent him in the field of education.


In the music world, Nugie once made a band called ALV, but the band broke up in 2003. In 2007, Nugie made the band come back and consisted of several male Indonesian singers, such as Ariyo Wahab, Baim (former Ada Band vocalist) and Pongki Batara (former vocalist of Jikustik).


In 2009, the band was named The Dance Company with their first single song “Papa Rock n Roll” and immediately got a lot of attention from people in Indonesia. Nugie does not just rely on his career in music, there are six ads, three soap operas, and three film titles that he has starred. As for the award, Nugie has earned as many as seven awards in his career.


Success in the career does not make Nugie forget about the environment. Since childhood, Nugie has been educated to apply eco-friendly lifestyles, such as collecting kitchen waste (organic) to make compost and watering the plants every afternoon.


Nugie also showed his love for the environment in the form of a song on his song titled “Bird Church” and “Tea Maker”. Nugie’s passion for nature and being active in maintaining environmental hygiene made Unilever ask him to join in on the cleanliness program.


In this hygiene program, Nugie had visited several school buildings. After seeing the circumstances of several school buildings, Nugie was disappointed, because the school is not supported by a comfortable place. The garbage was strewn, clogged bathroom drains, and unhealthy and unfriendly disposal systems.


According to Nugie, by doing small actions like throwing garbage in place, will make enormous changes to the environment if done every day.


In 2014, Nugie was asked to become UNESCO’s Environment Envoy. As an environmental activist, Nugie doing a lot of action for the preservation of the environment. One of his action is to restore nature by planting the Tree Trembesi at 1350 KM Merak-Banyuwangi.


In May 2015, Nugie visited Baluran, Plengkung Beach and Ijen Crater for conservation. Besides aiming for conservation, Nugie wants to promote tourism. Not only voicing love for the environment, Nugie actually adopts an environmentally-friendly lifestyle by not using air conditioning in his home and using water wisely.


To reduce pollution, Nugie does not use a car or motorcycle. He prefers to circulate bicycles during a visit. Nugie’s action is not to show off because he is already known as an environmental activist. Nugie feels this earth is very worrying and need protection from all of us.


Nugie also applies environmentally friendly life to his children, such as carrying food containers and drinking water bottles while traveling. Nugie always carries bags from home when he goes shopping. He believes that by reducing the use of use of plastic will automatically reduce environmental pollution.


In November 2017, Nugie also returned his action by planting dozens of Trembesi tree at 296 KM Madura Island. Environmental concerns need a  support from all levels of society by taking care of and protecting the environment as well. Every little good will have a major impact on our future. Let’s do it what  Nugie did to our beautiful environment.


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