Tips for choosing a necklace are very useful for women who want to enhance their appearance with jewelry or necklace accessories, but often feel confused in determining the right choice for themselves.


Speaking of necklaces, it seems like almost all women are tempted to have jewelry or accessories. This is what makes many women often confused and buy a variety of preferred necklaces. Unfortunately, not all of the necklaces that are liked will match the shape of the wearer’s face so that eventually feel reluctant to wear it.


Tips for Choosing the Right Necklace

The experience of regretting the necklace after buying it because it was unsuitable when wearing it seemed is the experience of almost every woman. They regret whether it is difficult to combine with clothes they have or don’t fit when they are used. No matter how expensive the necklace is purchased, if it only is stored, the value will be reduced.


There are several things that need to be considered when you want to buy jewelry or necklace accessories. First, trust the designer’s advice. Advice from designers is often doubted because of the negative thought that they choose the most expensive jewelry or necklace accessories. In fact, the response was not entirely correct.


Based on the knowledge of the designers, they have accustomed to following trends and can see which accessories are suitable for someone. They can suggest which one is suitable or what should be avoided for use. However, the final decision remains in the person, adjusting to the taste and style of dress that is most comfortable for them.


Second, consider the quality of the jewelry or accessory. Assessing the quality of necklaces or jewelry and other accessories can be based on certification (for jewelry), type of design/model, the material used, color, and texture (smooth or rough).


Third, adjust the shape of the face. When choosing a necklace, you should consider the shape of the face that we have. The preferred necklace does not necessarily match the shape of the face so it is less pleasing to the eye. Here is some note about the shape of the face.


Tips for Choosing a Face Necklace

Similarly, wearing clothes that fit your body shape, wearing a necklace that matches the shape of the face can enhance the appearance while correcting the shape of the face. Know the shape of the face you have, then do the following tips so you can choose the necklace correctly.


Oval – The oval face shape is characterized by not too firm curves from the growing part of the hair, eyebrows, and chin. The length of the eyebrows to the chin is about three-quarters of the face, tends to look longer rather than wide. This face shape has an ideal proportion so that any type of necklace is suitable for use, including a choker or a long necklace to the chest.


Round – The sign of a round face can be seen with the similarity of the distance across the face. There is no angle on this face, so it is important to choose a necklace that gives a longer impression on the face. A V-shaped necklace or an ornament on the underside of a clothing collar is suitable for round face shapes. The necklace which is too short or the type of collar and princess will only make the face more rounded.


Rectangle – The part of the cheekbones and chin on this face has similarities, almost similar to an oval. This face shape matches a short necklace because it will give the impression of filling the face, for example, choker, collar, or princess. Another alternative that can be chosen is a necklace with large beads and a large and firm ornament.


Box – A strong jawline appears on the shape of the box’s face, including the chin. Usually, the proportion of the forehead, cheekbones, and chin is the same. A necklace that matches a box-shaped face is a rather long or medium size or U-shaped necklace.


Heart or triangle is upside down – This face is usually characterized by strong eyebrows and a pointed chin. How to get around this face shape by expanding the jaw part. A short necklace will give a smooth impression on the chin and fill the neck.


Triangle – The shape of a triangular face is usually a narrow eyebrow and a large jaw. Triangular faces have wider jaw and cheek parts than the forehead. To give a smooth impression on the chin, a short necklace is needed. While medium and V-shaped necklaces can be selected to extend the face.


Diamond – The shape is visible from the cheek that dominates and leaves a narrow forehead and chin. Face with this form is rare. Any type of necklace can match this face shape.


Such tips can be applied when choosing a necklace that suits you. Hopefully, the tips for choosing a necklace can be useful for you.


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