Why we need to use water buffalo horn jewelry

The organic water buffalo horn jewelry is usually made from water buffalo horn that has unique coloration. This kind of water buffalo horn is originating in South East Asia and nowadays, it is also found in Australia, Europe, South America and some African countries.

The majority of the people in Asia are a farmer, therefore, the water buffalo is quite an important animal and they honored it on their culture. The water buffalo help the farmer for rice farming because the machine has difficulty to pass the sticky and deep mud fields.

Balinese artisans have been carving the buffalo horns after they die so it will be zero waste which is good for the environment.All the Balinese artisans can turn that left over material into a beautiful buffalo horn jewelry that counts as ethical fashion. Producing the ethical brand is becoming more of the top list for all the fashion industry around the world.

Famous and big brands now recognize how important sustainable fashion is to their loyal consumers, meaning it’s much easier for us to shop socially responsible and environmentally friendly styles, rather than having to search that forever.

The pros of going organic with your jewelry are fairly clear. The native crafting traditions remain largely unchanged and can produce beautiful unique pieces.In the process of making this jewelry, the jewelry will not have any chemical treatments, and you will know that the materials were harvested in a responsible and respectful manner.

african water buffalo water buffalo horn jewelry

African Water Buffalo


What kind of animal that you use their horn making your jewelry?

We use either cow horn as well as water buffalo. The water buffalo provides labor, meat, and leather and after that, there is a horn remaining that become a waste. With a strong commitment towards sustainable materials, we created buffalo horn jewelry for the next ethically aware generation.

Just to remind again, these water buffaloes are never killed just for their horns as it is a left over from the food industry.  The crafting of jewelry from a buffalo’s remains is a tradition that goes back for generations in Asia.

asian water buffalo water buffalo horn jewelry

Asian Water Buffalo


What kind of colors of the water buffalo horn jewelry are available?

Horn jewelry will generally have many gradations and tone colors resulting in dark brown to quite light beautiful amber shades. What a very stunning and nice combination.

asian cow water buffalo horn jewelry

Asian Cow


How to do maintenance for our buffalo horn jewelry?

If you want to optimize the quality and longevity of this horn material, you need to do some sort of maintenance. So here are some guidelines on how to take care of your buffalo horn jewelry.

Horn jewelry is prone to splintering. To prevent this, you should lightly polish your organic buffalo horn jewelry every few weeks with coconut or jojoba oil.

Don’t  forget to clean as needed with mild soap and water, and rinsing and drying it right away after that.

Never leave organic buffalo horn jewelry to soak in water or any other liquid even for just a few minutes.

Do not store organic buffalo horn jewelry in direct sunlight or expose it to extreme temperatures.

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