The site selling used clothing and accessories is increasingly being sought out with the growing awareness of women that used clothing can still be sold rather than being dumped in the trash and can damage the earth. Have you ever felt like cleaning your closet, which is getting more crowded every day? Do you also have vintage items, baby clothes, or worn out formal dresses that you want to change? Why not look for extra money for clothes that you love by reselling your used clothes on online sites.


With so many mobile applications and online platforms to choose from, it’s easier to hand over your clothes in exchange for money. Here is a list of some of the favorite online stores to sell used clothing.


List of Used Clothing and Accessories Selling Sites


This online site is in Redwood City, CA

Accepted pieces: Clothing, accessories, bags for women, men, and children


For a more practical sales experience, try Poshmark. Just register to create an account, take a few pictures of your items and start selling. You can choose prices and interested buyers can ask questions, bid on registered items, and even make shopping bundles so you can sell more. This simple and efficient shopping experience makes Poshmark the perfect online store to make quick money from clothes that you love, but no longer needed.


  1. The RealReal

This online site is in San Francisco, CA

Accepted pieces: Women’s, men’s & children’s clothing, watches & jewelry, decorations & artwork


Do you want to sell Chanel dresses or Louis Vuitton bags? RealReal is the place you need. Even though you will not get back what you paid for these luxury items, you will certainly get a little money by cleaning your designer closet. Simply send your item using a prepaid label or stop by one of the Consignment Offices for delivery. RealReal also offers free home pickup in certain areas of the United States.


RealReal is also a partner of GOOD + Foundation. Items that cannot be sent can also be donated to help break the cycle of poverty while also removing clothing from landfills. It is indeed a commendable mission and needs to be followed by all of us.


Additional List of Selling Sites for Used Clothing and Accessories

  1. eBay

This online site is based in San Jose, CA

Accepted pieces: Women’s, men’s & children’s clothing, vintage items, bags, shoes & accessories


Like Poshmark, eBay gives sellers full control by allowing you to upload photos, choose prices, and interact with interested buyers. The cost of selling on eBay is also quite low compared to other platforms. Most are only cut by 10% of total sales and only $ 0.35 per listing.


Not sure how much is the price for your used clothes? You can also try bidding options from eBay. This allows you to set a minimum selling price and ask the buyer to bid for your item for a certain period of time. After the allocated period ends, the highest bidder will win the item.


  1. ThredUp

This online site is in San Francisco, CA

Accepted pieces: Clothing, shoes, and accessories for women & children


ThredUP does not discriminate about the brand or size of clothing. This site is the largest online sites for cheap vintage in the world with more than 35,000 brand names. On average, 40% of the items received and sold online while the rest are donated or recycled responsibly. This is a list of used clothing and accessories sites in the United States that you need to know.

Used Clothing and Accessories Used Clothing and Accessories Used Clothing and Accessories

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