Jared Leto is a singer, actor, songwriter, musician, director, producer, activist, philanthropist, photographer, and businessman from the United States. He was born in Bossier City, Louisiana, United States on December 26, 1971


Who doesn’t know about this handsome actor? He is a skilled musician and is the main vocalist for Thirty Seconds to Mars. He formed this band in 1998 in Los Angeles, California, with his brother Shannon Leto. He and his bandmates are very persistent in protecting the planet not only from song lyrics but also the actions they take to defend the environment.


The band gained worldwide fame when they released their second album “A Beautiful Lie” in 2005. The release of their next album, “This Is War” in 2009 and “Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams” in 2014 also received big success.


Until September 2014, the band had managed to sell more than 15 million albums worldwide and he gained more fans. Leto also won the MTV Video Music Awards namely “The Kill” in 2006, “Kings and Queens” in 2009, and “Up in the Air”.


Jared Leto and his Band “Thirty Seconds to Mars”

Their songs talk a lot about the earth and why we need to care about the earth. One of them is “A Beautiful Lie”. This song is about global warming that is happening now.


The video’s more like a short documentary than a music video because it lasts more than seven minutes and gives different facts about climate change that we know in general.


He said that everyone knows that our planet is in big trouble. We have abused it cruelly and in the end, we have to pay the price. It’s time to try to do the best we can to protect the earth.


He suggested that we could find a better way of life and he asserted that this was not a right but our responsibility. In addition to global warming, Jared also maintains himself as a vegan. Not only Jared, but all of his band members are vegans. He even offered to cook vegan pancakes for his fans.



Jared Leto and WWF Global Ambassador

In addition, he is a supporter of WildAid and does not hesitate to speak for the benefit of animals. He uses his Twitter to show his respect and love for animals. Aside from being the winning actor from the Academy Award, musician and director, he is also a WWF global ambassador. He collaborates to raise awareness of all the most problems that our planet need to face.


Leto recently traveled to South Africa with WWF to learn firsthand about cruelty to wildlife and especially the rhino hunting crisis. He saw WWF’s efforts to save rhino populations on the two continents, Asia and Africa.


His experience there made him increasingly feel a close and deep relationship with the responsibility to protect rare species and their entire habitat. He promised to do what he could to ensure that endangered animals could survive. Jared Leto even encouraged all of us to act in the same way as he is, to protect the animal in Asia and Africa.


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