Chopard x Eco-Age is a luxury jewelry brand that includes necklaces, earrings, and watches. This year they took a more serious step by participating in the Green Carpet Challenge at the Cannes Festival. The new approach is by participating with the model and philanthropist Petra Nemcova who attended the red carpet event with dresses and jewelry sustainably made, one of which is the luxury brand Chopard.


During the Cannes festival, Nemcova said that she had seen the message of sustainability grow stronger than before on the Cannes red carpet and changes in mindset had developed throughout the film festival, especially celebrities, designers and stylists who strongly supported the event by choosing to wear sustainable clothes and jewelry.


Nemcova works with Chopard and the eco-campaign Livia Firth on the Eco age project has encouraged designers to rethink how they look on the red carpet, as part of an ongoing Green Carpet Challenge initiative.


Chopard x Eco-Age and Actress Supporting the Sustainability Mission

The actress who takes part in wearing Chopard  sustainable touch include:


Julianne Moore

Chopard has announced at the Baselworld exhibition about their commitment to using 100% ethical gold for their products in July 2018. Until now the company increasingly pushing the luxury jewelry industry forward while launching the ongoing Paraiba Tourmaline at the Green Carpet Collection, which is used by Julianne Moore in Cannes.


Thandie Newton

At the Solo premiere: A Star Wars Story, Thandie Newton wore a stunning sustainable Vivienne Westwood gown for The Green Carpet Collection. Thandie completes her appearance with Chopard jewelry, The Maison which is famous for Journey to Sustainable Luxury. This extraordinary work of The Green Carpet Collection is made by hand at Westwood’s London atelier, with ‘Peau de soie’ certified Global Organic Textile Standard from Taroni, a luxury Italian silk producer.


The amazing shape was made specifically as a tribute to Thandie’s first appearance in the Starwars film franchise. This features a picture of her personal Star Wars sculpture collection, photographed by Christian Hogstedt and the iconic Vivienne Westwood Absence of Roses print. The beautiful dress has a touch of gold, very attractive black and colorful Swarovski crystals.


Chopard x Eco-Age and Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett, president of the Cannes jury, once again wore an extraordinary Armani Privé Couture dress. She was first seen at Cate at The Golden Globes in 2014 and the dress was reused at the Cannes Festival.

Even though it looks easy to reuse a dress on the red carpet, in practice it can be more difficult to save, repair and get ready to do great fashion than to make new work. It takes high skill and dedication.


From couture to t-shirts, the landfill is now full of clothing that has been thrown away without thinking about sustainability environment. Especially in the current climate, it seems ridiculous that such clothes are not valued and reused for a lifetime, “said Cate Blanchett.


Cate also chose to wear jewelry by Chopard. This jewelry collection was launched in 2013 in partnership with the Eco-Age. The Journey to Sustainable Luxury is Chopard’s commitment to taking resources responsibly and helping people in their supply chains that are too often ignored by brand owners. This is one from the Chopard x Eco-Age project that all of us need to appreciate.


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