Pleasemachine shoes are one proof that something from used materials will not always be trash. These shoes can have a high selling value if we know how to process them. Used cloth often piles up around us without optimal utilization and shoes by Russian designers prove that giving a touch of art will have a high selling power.


One thing to bear in mind that fancy shoes not always be made of leather or even from new materials. Anna Zabeova, who is an artist and designer from Russia, creates unique shoes from used fabrics which used to be were underestimated into a high-value work of art.


Pleasemachine Shoes is an Artwork From Anna Zabeova

Anna’s shoes were first created in 2008. In the manufacturing process, she uses various types of used fabrics such as used carpet fabrics, used silk scarves, used leather bags, used clothing, and other used materials.


To get the raw materials in the form of used cloth, she had to explore various places such as vintage shops and even garbage dumps. While carrying out the collection process, she claimed to feel proud because she could contribute to the second life of used fabrics.


“Collecting used cloth to use as raw material for shoes is a form of respect that I give to the designers of these fabrics. In addition, using used cloth is a form of gratitude for those who have worked hard to make the fabric, “Anna said as quoted at


Limited Edition of Pleasemachine Shoes

This shoe has a slogan that says “We Are Crazy, Cool, and Colorful”. In accordance with the slogan, this shoes has a unique model and colorful. The entire collection of shoes is designed as unique as possible because Anna considers shoes to be a place for her to express her artistic soul.


“I prefer to make shoes that are simple, but still expressive. Making shoes is an activity that needs to be done with love and enthusiasm, “Anna wrote on the official Pleasemachine website.


The shoe collection presented by Pleasemachine consists of various types such as flat shoes, boots, slip on, chunky heels and Chelsea boots. The shoe collection was created with the aim of displaying the hidden beauty of used fabrics so that all used cloth that has been transformed into shoes does not need to undergo a process of re-coloring. The original motifs from used fabrics are deliberately left intact, and that makes these shoes look attractive and different from other shoe brands.


The slogan of this shoe is to present lively colors with a pretty unique shape. There are some of the collections are designed in the form of a combination of sneakers and boots. Really unique. If you look in more detail, the collection of shoes have bright colors like green, blue, orange or red. In addition, the availability depends on the surrounding trash because it’s from used clothes so the motif between a pair of shoes is usually different from each other. Therefore do not be surprised if you see the left shoe has a slightly different motif from the right shoe. That’s part of Anna’s unique art.


Not only unique, but pleasemachine shoes are also exclusive. Anna deliberately creates a limited collection of shoes to maintain the level of exclusivity of her products so that her fans can also feel special.


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