Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week which just took place last month received an increasingly positive response. This fashion exhibition is held every year in October. For ten days they present to provide continuous innovation in fashion events and gatherings of young designers who offer ready-to-wear fashion to the general public.


The designers are spread in several cities in the Netherlands and they work with schools, fashion shops and institutions to facilitate DSFW including catwalk shows, festivals, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, awards and discussion events throughout the country.


DSFW is different from other fashion weeks because it fully concentrates on sustainability and innovative design. The focus also on new, ready-made collections is highlighted in collaboration with around 800 fashion shops. In addition, they also pay special attention to the development of young talented designers and work together with leading fashion & design courses.


The themes on the exhibition were: Reduction of garbage and the latest innovation for textiles. The aim is to create more sustainable designers. Research shows that 68% of consumers want clothes that are responsible but don’t know how to get them. There is not enough communication about sustainable mode. Based on the survey, 9 out of 10 Dutch people knew nothing about the background of the brand they were using.


The main objective of this event is to provide development, innovation, and stage to designers and bring a broader sustainability mission and to connect all interested parties, companies, designers, fashion shops, schools, and consumers.


History of Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week

This year’s event is the fifth year and focuses on the themes of circular modes, sustainability, and innovation. Women’s fashion designer Mo Benchellal participated in the fashion show. On October 10, the Green Fashion Talent Awards were held with the aim of introducing the latest sustainable fashion brands. On Friday, October 12th, the ‘Talking Trash’ program will be premiered, focusing on the work of duo designer, Trinhbecx who developed a couture collection made of fabrics produced from processed organic waste such as ground coffee and pineapple skin.


In addition to fashion shows, several highlights of the public events included the opening of the Fashion for Good Experience in Amsterdam, the Fair Fashion Festival in Utrecht and the Sustainable Fashion and Textile event in Amsterdam presented by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.


Regional events across the country included a focus on Belgian and Japanese vintage designer clothing at Vintage & Label by Hendrikus in Rotterdam, the Fashion Making Sense Award exposition at de Bijenkorf department store in Maastricht and a guided tour in the center of The Hague which introduced visitors to shops that offers a sustainable model.



Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week

This fashion week was founded by Cecile Scheele in 2014, it is also the owner of a sustainable fashion agency Goodbrandz. The first time they collaborated with Urgenda to pay special attention to the theme of sustainable fashion.


The Objective is to bring entrepreneurs & designers into contact with each other and to provide consumers with insight into all possibilities and developments. This event has developed very rapidly in a short time and every year new collaborating partners join. In 2017 the fourth edition will take place from October 6th -15th.


DSFW sees a reluctance in the continuation of the fashion industry, however, it depends on the creativity and innovative character of the designers and the brand. They have the power and ability to accelerate the changing market when they get the right platform for this. Through DSFW they bring all companies, designers and organizations interested together and offer a large platform for raising awareness among consumers.


DSFW’s ambition consists of 3 pillars:

  1. Increase consumer enthusiasm for an innovative new generation of fashion designers and stimulate changes in market demand.
  2. Offer a platform for sustainable designers by connecting media, business, and other sectors to get to know each other.
  3. Development of talent and stimulating sustainable innovation.

This is the mission of Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week which was completed last month. See you at next year’s fashion week edition with the mission that remains focused on increasing concern for sustainable fashion.


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