Reve En Vert is an online luxury boutique that focuses on high-quality sustainable products. This boutique has been referred to as “Net-a-Porter sustainable mode.” Today the e-commerce site consists of women’s clothing, accessories, and jewelry, as well as household appliances and organic beauty products.


This boutique was founded in 2013 by Cora Hilts and Natasha Tucker who were born from a blog that Hilts began during her Master’s degree in the Politics of Environment and Sustainability. The more profound the influence of the fast fashion cycle, founders Cora Hilts and Natasha Tucker have seen how the clothes are from the wardrobe to the dumpsite. Hilts created a brand that is in line with her belief that “inevitably, your lifestyle choices include your fashion choices.”


She continued that she personally became more concerned with climate change, animal welfare, and health, therefore, she became more dedicated to clothing and beauty choices that reflected this concern. For example, because she becomes more in tune with organic eating, she becomes more committed to ensuring that the makeup on the skin, mouth, eyes, and hair is also organic. It’s all interconnected.


Reve En Vert is a sustainable luxury fashion platform

Following in the footsteps of Stella McCartney, this London-based sustainable luxury fashion platform prides itself in developing a broader awareness of clothing, accessories, and the habit of consuming beauty in a sustainable manner. In order for products to be displayed on e-commerce sites, the brand needs to uphold four criteria throughout their supply chain – use organic and natural materials, produce minimal waste, respect their local communities, and implement fair trade policies for their factory workers.


This brand also donates a portion of its profits to Tree of the Future. Holts explained how the two fields of business worked together starting with using carbon-neutral shipping with their logistics, but as an international retailer, they felt this was still not enough to compensate for the inevitable footprint obtained from and to their London headquarters.


Trees for the Future is a charity that replants trees in places that really suffer from deforestation and creates local livelihoods in the process. Working with this organization, the company hopes to return fresh oxygen to the air and allow it to go further to reduce the effects of shipping goods. This is expected to make customers feel better about additional shipping costs.


Reve En Vert and REV

This online retailer offers a variety of contemporary designer labels that are environmentally conscious and chic, ranging from their private label, R.E.V by Reve En Vert, to other sustainable luxury brands such as Mara Hoffman.


REV is their own line of ethical clothing with a sustainable luxury collection that is timeless. Cat said that she had long been interested in doing it because she got a request from customers to get clothes that could be used to work but simultaneously for the night.


Cora really thinks that having transitional clothing is very important for women and feels there is a little gap from what we can and also wants to see how to be closer in the fashion world both in terms of sustainable design and ethical production. This is very interesting because Cora can work as a consultant and sustainability designer at Reve En Vert and on the other side, she can truly understand what designers must go through to produce these sustainability methods.


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