Riyanni Djangkaru is a television presenter who is now also acting as an environmental activist, this beautiful woman was born on January 31, 1980, in Garut, West Java. Her mother came from Garut, while her father came from Palembang, South Sumatra.


The adventurous soul of Riyanni is transmitted by her grandparents. Since kindergarten, Riyanni admitted often got invited by grandparents to travel around Indonesia.


The grandfather always tells how to survive in nature, from how to eat, sleep and do other activities. While the grandmother always told her, that if she can not learn something from school, on her traveling should always be something to learn.


Her grandparents are very inspiring and very supportive to Riyanni hobbies for traveling anywhere, especially a place that nuances nature and always get used to not give up on anything.


Although travel activities are not supported by the father, Riyanni admitted often doing it secretly. This woman who graduates from Pakuan Bogor University started her career by becoming an Adventurer Jejak presenter. Now she focuses more on every activity with an environmental theme.



In 2008, she joined Greenpeace and  Riyanni invites people to always protect forests throughout Indonesia and also save climate change.


In 2015, Riyanni told the public about responsible tourism. Riyanni wants people to be more respectful of nature because the earth is are given us the oxygen every day to enjoy life in this beautiful world.


As lovers of the beauty of any tourist destinations, we should be able to maintain the sustainability of destinations that we visit by throwing garbage in place, keep the distance with wildlife by not feeding any, always find out what should be obeyed and prohibited in the tourist attractions and always educate the environment about responsible tourism through social media.


This woman who loves diving has also participated in the Blue and Green campaign. In this campaign, Riyanni conveyed that the deepest points on the sea should be only professional divers with the aim of respecting the beauty of nature is not intended for the public because the impact can be destructive.


In 2016, Riyanni is also believed to be a speaker in Indonesia Marine Tourism event in Surabaya. She affirms that tour packages that provide low-cost should be taken into account because the impact of people whose visiting may actually damage nature.


In the event, Riyanni exemplifies Raja Ampat as an expensive tourist destination and it is very reasonable, to say reasonable because maintaining the authenticity of nature is very difficult, should not be arbitrary people come to visit the place.


Her passion for nature, especially on the sea, has focused on Save Sharks Indonesia to spot sharks and seek to preserve their populations. Riyanni hopes to grow human consciousness not to make sharks as their economic chains.


Riyanni claimed that care and love of nature pass down on her child, even after childbirth and at the age of four months Riyanni had taken him to the top of Mount Semeru. For his education, Riyanni also incorporated into a natural school with the aim that his son is closer to nature and can respect nature as it should be.


The strength of body and mind is very important to her because of the various outdoor activities she often does. To support these activities, Riyanni prioritizes body health with regular yoga exercise routine. She has been doing this yoga exercise for three years. She does the morning and afternoon yoga four times a week.


After she was active in yoga, Riyanni admitted that she was more enthusiastic about running her activities and her hobbies, such as diving, snorkeling, mountain climbing, and even fast running.


The soul of love and care for the environment within Riyanni is so strongly embedded in her heart. It is proved by so many things that she has done to contribute to the effort to save the environment, especially on sharks. Riyanni Djangkaru once said the government is always trying to be responsible for the environmental changes that occur, but it would be nice if we all can make changes to each other.


Riyanni Djangkaru Riyanni Djangkaru Riyanni Djangkaru Riyanni Djangkaru

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