Actor Leonardo DiCaprio chose Allbirds shoes as his favorite for reasons related to his concern to the environment. He even invested his money in his favorite shoe brand.


Allbirds claims that they produce the most comfortable sneakers in the world and make their products entirely from renewable and sustainable materials, such as wool, tree fiber, and sugar cane. They are really caring and love the sustainable nature because that is the purpose of them.


“Creating sustainable products for consumers requires a deep commitment from brands that understand their role in helping to solve our environmental crisis,” DiCaprio said in an exclusive interview.


Allbirds shoes are the pioneer in developing new materials that will serve as a pilot model for the footwear industry. He said that he was very proud to be able to join the company as an investor.


At present, the latest investment is helping to create an environmentally friendly fashion world that begins with the latest innovation from Allbirds, SweetFoam, which requires a two-year process in realizing the work.


The material is the first of its kind because it is made from sugar cane, not derived from EVA foam plastic which is commonly used in other brand footwear.


This new material has first appeared in Allbirds’ latest launch, a flip-flop footwear, available for $ 35, and it will not only be launched for their brands, but the material is also available to outside companies if they want to use it.


The Opening Stores from Allbirds Shoes

Allbirds is growing even more and recently opening their main outlet area of 500 square meters in New York, United States last September. Allbirds also plans to open eight more stores in the United States by next year, including in Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C.


With their main store area covering nearly 500 square meters, the main location in the New York SoHo neighborhood on Spring Street will include a “service bar to help customers find the right size for their feet, in addition to a bigger room for customers to relax. This place will replace their temporary store on Prince Street, which is about 900 square meters in size and has been closed a week after their new store is opened.


This company was an online store and the opening a store served as a place for buyers to try sneakers as well as helping to create more buzz around the brand.


Allbirds and Smallbirds Shoes

Not only that, the company has launched new shoes made of tree fiber and flip-flops made of sugar cane, along with a line of children called Smallbirds. It is also supported by the role of DiCaprio, who is an investor and actively promotes the brand to his fans. Not only allbirds, but Leonardo is also active in the battle against climate change and the environment in recent years.


Earlier this year, his foundation had donated $ 1 million to help protect marine life in Seychelles, and by 2017, he had announced that he would donate a $ 20 million grant to help fight climate change around the world. Allbirds shoes are the proof of Leonardo DiCaprio’s concern in protecting the earth from the dangers of plastic used by many other brands. Thank you, Leonardo.


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