Sapling is a label for environmentally friendly baby clothes. The brand was founded by a school teacher named Peta Stinson and her husband, launched in 2012. Their office is based in Australia, the country that has always been the “home” of the founder, Peta, no matter where she is.


She was first inspired to make environmentally friendly baby clothes is when confronted with the bitter reality of her son.Six days after her third child was born, he was convicted of meningitis. This made Peta and her family had to visit the child intensive care unit for weeks.


During those early weeks, the teacher turned fashion designer realized that she could not find organic clothing that stained with vegetables or water-based materials. From there the idea of making 100% organic baby clothes was born, which she later labeled as Sapling.


Its purpose is to create a brand with a beautiful design, and ethical products are the motivations for Peta Stinson. Although she is no longer in Australia, Peta wants to make sure her company remains sustainable, responsible and environmentally friendly.


Peta is keen to prove that there is a way to produce beautiful clothes in a truly sustainable way. She hopes to change the fashion industry through meaningful ways by showing that it is not impossible to do it. This product is one of those tangible proofs.


Peta and company produce clothing made from 100% organic cotton (synthetic, elasticities, and nylon mixed in organic cotton can take 40 years to degrade). The coloring of the product also uses a chemical toxic substance in every process.


To grow cotton which is the main ingredient, they use traditional rotational methods and without the use of pesticides. Sapling distribution centers also use electric forklift so that the smoke produced does not contain toxins. The packaging used is recyclable and/or biodegradable materials.


Not only that, this brand also always make sure their products can be used as comfortable as possible. For that, they always pay attention to every small detail, for example, do not label the product with a material that can cause itching on the baby’s skin.


Knowing the ingredients and production processes that are so concerned make this brand has a lot of customers with “upscale” background, including Prince William and Kate Middleton. Not long after the product was launched, Prince William and his wife ordered a dress ahead of the birth of their son, Prince George.


Stinson acknowledged that it was a big order for her. She is very happy to have the opportunity to dress the royal infant with her design. She feels the choice of Prince Willian and Kate is really appropriate for providing organic clothing with natural coloring for their baby.


In addition to the royal family, this brand has also worked with a mother who also works as a model and actress from America, Jamie King. They call it “fun and exciting”, but “difficult and often a tiring journey”.


According to Peta Stinson, the development phase will always take a while, especially when we want to create things that are different from others. But it will not dampen their resolve to continue growing.


Today what the environment really needs is a product like Sapling, which really pays attention to the impact of its production on the environment. Sapling is expected to be an inspiration for more other Sapling even with different labels.


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