Reducetarian is a vegetarian who sometimes eats meat. Many have tried to become vegetarians and try not to eat meat at all but for beginners, especially those who are used to eating meat then it will be difficult to apply it. This does not mean you are a vegetarian failure, because Kateman calls this is a plan, and the plan is called reducetarian.


People who aspire not to eat meat are certainly done for personal health and it turns out that the love of meat has a negative impact on the surrounding environment.


Reasons Why We Should Start Being Reducetarian

Did you know that almost 40 percent of the earth’s surface is used for the livestock sector? A study based in the United States showed that the livestock sector caused a land erosion rate of 55 percent. In addition, globally, livestock is responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, some of which come from gases produced by cattle, then livestock collectively absorbs about one-third of the world’s freshwater supplies.


A medical record of evidence shows that people who eat foods low in saturated fat and eat more fruits and vegetables tend to be healthy and live longer. As we know that the type of fat in products found in meat and milk is high in fat.


Many people are increasingly aware of the negative impact of continuing to consume meat and have tried a new lifestyle by reducing meat in daily consumption for the reasons mentioned above.


Reducetarian is an Easy Way to Become a Vegetarian

Then why is it so difficult to immediately become a vegetarian? A poll shows that only two to three percent of Americans are vegetarians or vegans. More than half of the vegans did succeed in the first year, but 84 percent of them will return to consuming meat the following year.


But for those of you who experience the same problem, which is difficult to become vegetarian, there has been a resolution to help you and the idea is from Brian Kateman and Tyler Alterman. They are the founders of the ‘reducetarian’ movement, which is people who are committed to reducing meat consumption, both red meat, poultry and seafood, and reducing consumption of milk and eggs.


Kateman and Alterman argue that rather than drastically cutting the amount of meat intake, some people are certainly easier to reduce that. The challenge for meat eaters is to replace their hamburgers with vegetables such as broccoli.


Reducetarians do not need to do it, they simply reduce eating meat and limit the amount that can be consumed every day. This will help the process of becoming vegetarian little by little. But even if slowly, they can still provide benefits for their health and the environment.


The core concept that there is no need to eliminate meat from intake because it is not going to be effective. The most effective thing is not how we can increase the number of vegetarians but how we can reduce the number of people who consume meat said Kateman.


Kateman himself is a reducetarian. “I start by eating meat every week. Now I only eat one or two days. My energy level is higher, and I have tried many foods that I have not tried before. Kateman explained the benefits of reducing meat consumption in his lifestyle. How about you, want to try to becoming reducetarian as a lifestyle choice in 2019?


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