Joe Taslim, who does not know this handsome actor who was born June 23rd, 1981. He is known as a successful Indonesian actor, even able to spread his wings into the international arena. Apparently, in addition to actively undergoing his actor career, Joe also very concerned about the environmental issue.


Joe Taslim’s name began to soar through his role as “Jaka” in the movie The Raid (2011). Previously Joe was a member of the Indonesian national Judo team from 1997 to 2009. Although fairly new, Joe’s career in the movie world is growing rapidly after acting on the famous American action movie titled Fast & Furious 6 (2013). After that,  Joe often appears in international movies.


In the middle of his busy competing in the movie abroad, it turns out Joe also plays a role in concern for the animals in Indonesia. His name was chosen by WWF as a WWF warrior in the preservation of endangered species. Several other artists were appointed as animal ambassadors, but the tasks were different. Joe Taslim was crowned as Sumatran tiger ambassador, Nadia Hutagalung as WWF ambassador for the rescue of elephants, Nadine Chandrawinata for shark, and Ario Bayu for orangutans.


Joe reveals his reason for accepting an offer to be a Sumatran tiger embassy because Sumatra is where he came from. He feels that he is indebted to his home country so he wants to pay back by helping to campaign for the rescue of endangered species from Sumatra.


Joe also said that his decision to become a WWF warrior is pure because he feels compelled to protect the existing animals. He also uses social media tools such as Twitter and Instagram to campaign awareness of the earth and the environment. He intends to invite many people to participate to save the earth and its contents.


Although sometimes many people doubt the consistency of an artist who is selected as an ambassador, Joe tried to break the paradigm by plunging directly into the field. In May 2016, the man from Palembang visited Riau, along with his colleague, Ario Bayu (actor) with the trust pinned by WWF Indonesia to them as a warrior of WWF.


The purpose of the two actors is to visit and see the Sumatran tiger habitat in Rimbang Baling, Riau. Over there Joe is required to remove all the attributes as an actor and mingle with nature by willing to stay in the forest and chat directly with the resident of Rimbang Baling. During his stay, he enjoys the using of piyau (boat).


Joe said he was very happy with the experience. He and Ariowere brought to the area to socialize with the surrounding community and see the activities of the WWF team in the field directly. WWF itself chose both actors as warriors because of their commitment to continue to campaign for the protection of animals and their habitats.


In addition to caring for wildlife that is almost extinct, Joe is also known to be very concerned about the earth and often campaigning the importance of clean water and save electricity through social media accounts. He and his friends of other WWF ambassadors are very persistent to invite people to open their eyes wide to the increasingly worrisome condition of the earth.


Seeing the current condition of the earth is quite worrying. Pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and wildlife extinctions are very threatening to the sustainability of the earth. Keeping the earth and its content is not just a WWF warrior task or another environmental activist, but a task for everyone on earth.


Therefore, the awareness of the importance of safeguarding the earth must be owned by every individual. Without awareness, a sense of responsibility will be difficult to present in a person. Joe Taslim actively campaigning for the need for environmental awareness and we need to follow his path.

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