Coffee sack bags from Justin Biel are very unique and attract the attention of fashion lovers. Utilizing unused items into other more useful items is one part of an environmentally friendly concept that can be adopted in the fashion world. Nowadays there are more fashion works are emerging that created from unique materials with a classy appearance.


One of them is a bag made of coffee sacks. In the skilled hands of Justin Biel and Grason Ratowsky, sacks that were originally only used to store coffee beans have been converted into tote bags, duffle bags and pouches with unique looks and high sense of art. Both of them produce this unique bag with the label “Bare”.


Bare is a handmade accessories label based in Colorado. Processing a coffee bag into a tote bag was chosen because the strong sack material made the bag’s lifespan last longer. The bag handles that are attractively designed to eliminate the slum accent of the sack so that it makes this bag a has artistic value.


The design of the bag is made unisex so that it can be used by men and women. Uniquely, between one bag and the other bag will always differ from each other in motifs and patterns. This happens because the sack is a used bag so that the material used depends on availability.


Justin Biel and Grason Ratowsky

Justin is the younger brother of Jessica Biel and Grason Ratowsky is the Justin’s best friend since they were in sixth grade. What they have done now is the type of business they have wanted to start since ten years ago. BARE is a handmade accessories label that has a socially responsible mission from Colorado, where Biels and Ratowsky grew up.


BARE was launched after Ratowsky’s father, an artist who had worked in Costa Rica with EARTH University, which focused on sustainable development, brought back the bag to his son. “He was truly an inspiration to me and gave it to me knowing that I would do something with it. ”


With Justin’s help, in addition to his personal style that has a touch of global traveler with an urban feel, he has brought philanthropic backgrounds such as Make The Difference Network. Going forward, they are considering recycling boat screens and grain sacks from the factory.


Justin Biel and Jessica Biel

Sacks are one of the strongest wrapping materials that can handle many capacities, such as rice, vegetables and so on. One type of sack that is often used is a coffee sack, the same shape as an ordinary sack made of plastic, but this sack is made from fabric fibers and is brown in color making it more durable and not easily damaged. We often see these sacks in the market, factories and other places and the material sometimes make itchy skin. Even so, the sack is now in Justin’s hands can turn into a beautiful bag.


At present, Jessica, who is a partner at BARE, is carrying these portable bags everywhere. She said that they all grew up with the Flatiron mountains right behind them. “If you have a brain, you can just look out the window and say‘ Oh wow, this world is something I want to protect. ”


If you want to use the same bag that Jessica Biel uses every day and care about the earth at the same time, you can use this Bare bag made by Justin Biel.


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