The beautiful grandmother named Tao Porchon Lynch was born in Täo Andrée Porchon, August 13, 1918. On a ship in the middle of the English Channel Tao Porchon Lynch was born prematurely two months earlier. His father came from France, while his mother was a native Indian (Manipuri). Her mother died while giving birth to Tao. Then, Tao’s aunt and uncle raised Tao as a child. Her uncle worked as a railroad designer, often carrying Tao to travel around Asia and traveling to Singapore.


Tao started her career in the fashion industry. Under the auspices of Lever Brothers, Tao found success and gained many awards in the modeling field, including the “Best Legs in Europe” award. Although Tao’s work requires traveling around the world, Tao enjoys his work very much.


During the second World War, Tao moved to London and became a cabaret player. After the war, Tao moved to the United States, where she got a job as an actress and appeared in various Hollywood movies, under the agency of Metro Goldwyn Mayer. During her career as an actress, Tao often gave free yoga sessions to fellow actors and other actresses, as well as giving vegetarian-style vegetarian tips.


The reason why Tao Interested in Yoga

At the age of 8, Tao witnessed a group of young yoga trainers working on the beach. This meeting made Tao interested in yoga. However, Tao’s aunt does not like Tao following yoga, because she thinks yoga is only for men.


Tao’s Meeting With Mahatma Gandhi

In her youth, Tao met with Mahatma Gandhi, a close friend of the Tao’s uncle who was an Indian nationalist. Tao consults with Mahatma Gandhi about yoga, especially about Karma Yoga because Mahatma Gandhi is a skilled person in  Karma Yoga.


Tao  Leaves Her Occupation As Artist Just For The Sake Of Yoga

After marrying Bill Lynch in 1962, Tao decided to leave her work as an artist and take seriously in the field of yoga.

In 1976, Tao became one of the founders of Yoga Teachers Alliance and now is known as the Yoga Teachers Association.

In 1982, Tao founded the Westchester Institute of Yoga. At Westchester Institute of Yoga, her students coming from different countries around the world.


Tao Expertise in Various Fields

Tao is an expert in various fields. She is a model, dancer, actress, film producer, international film distributor, television executive, publisher, activist, and founder of the American Wine Society.


In May 2012, Tao received the Guinness World Records title from Berniece Bates as “The Oldest Yoga Teacher In The World”.

In 2013, Tao teamed up with Tara Stiles, released a DVD entitled YOGA. In addition, Tao also published a book on meditation, entitled Reflection: The Journey of Living Yoga.

“I will still hug and bring yoga until my breath has stopped”, said Tao.


From Porchon Lynch Tao Story above, many positive things that we can take advantage of about yoga, especially for your own health. Let’s live a healthy life by keeping the diet and accompanied by yoga from now on. Yoga is not just repetition of few postures. It is more about the discovery and exploration of the subtle energies of life.


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