In tidying the house there are several tricks to clean the house with the Konmari method. It must be acknowledged that things that are very personal in our home are the most difficult things to eliminate but must be removed unless they trigger excitement in your heart. Marie Kondo gives us seven ways to effectively clean the house, especially for those who are sentimental in spirit.


The big fear we all have, says Marie Kondo, is that if we throw away these objects, we will somehow lose the memories and the precious inheritance that accompanies them. The fact is no because truly valuable memories will never disappear even if you throw away the things associated with them.


List of Tips for the Konmari Method for Sentimental Person

  1. Focus not on what must be discarded, but on what must be kept

When we want to clean up your house, most of us tend to focus on what we are going to throw. Kondo’s approach is the opposite: she says we must concentrate on what we will keep. The reason is simple: there are so many items that are sentimental in value, from our lives, our children, our parents or our grandparents that it is too much to think about what to throw away.


  1. Make sure you are truly committed to taking care of it

It is very important that you do not start announcing until you are truly committed to it. You have to tidy up by category, not by location or room. Starting from clothes, books, paper, and then you are ready for sentimental items.


  1. Make a plan to treat valuable items from the lives of your children

The trick is not only to maintain it but to display it in a certain way so that they will give you pleasure when you go about your daily life and the item will bring pleasure to others who visit your home. Baby clothes can be displayed as art, hung in a frame or displayed in a creative way. When the time comes to throw it away, Kondo said, you must thank the item for helping your child grow, and let the item go without guilt.


List of Additional Konmari Methods for Sentimental Person

  1. Ask yourself, for each object: does it trigger joy in my heart?

This is the main message from Kondo: ask yourself, does this object spark excitement in my heart? To overcome this, you must touch the object, and see what response arises within you. “Hold every object in your hand, as close as possible to your heart and then, pay close attention to how your body responds. When something triggers excitement, you should feel a little sensation flowing through your body, as if your body is slowly rising to fill it and embrace it. ”


  1. Never leave items in the box at your parents’ house

One thing you should not do is send sentimental items to your parents’ house because the box that was sent was never actually opened.


  1. Say goodbye to valuables belonging to your deceased parents or grandparents

If an item no longer triggers excitement but has a sentimental attachment connected to it, you must always say goodbye in a way that respects what someone in the past means. “I understand that for some people it might be strange to thank the item, but if you try it, you will be surprised at its effectiveness.


  1. Trim photos together as a family

Tidying your family photos must be the final stage of your journey to clean your house, put all the photos on the floor according to the year or period of collection. Tricks with photos must be ready to release anything similar or a scene that you don’t remember. If you have multiple photos from the same day, choose only the best. Thus 7 tips for konmari method that you can use to tidy up your house.


Konmari Method Konmari Method Konmari Method Konmari Method

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