SIKU Dharmawangasa is located in North Cipete, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. Judging from the buildings on the elegant street of Dharmawangsa as it is today, various kinds of history can be found.


History says the name Kebayoran comes from the name of the Bayur Tree that thrives around Kebayoran because in ancient times kebayoran is a vast forest area that has a wide and deep river. While Cipete, in ancient times inhabited by the Betawi people. Not only the Betawi people, many Chinese ethnics who came to this area to stay.


Nowadays, Cipete became one of the metropolitan city in Jakarta. Immigrants come from different parts of Indonesia and there are many foreigners who choose to live in this elite area, many of whom live in Jalan Dharmawangsa.


In this northern region of Cipete, there is a street name called Jalan Dharmawangsa, this name is taken from one of the names of Hindu king in the 11th century. On Jalan Dharmawangsa, South Jakarta there are various buildings, ranging from luxury homes, office buildings, hotels luxury, restaurant, cafe, salon, studio, and children’s course.


This time we will discuss a place called SIKU Dharmawangsa. This place is located at Jalan Dharmawangsa X No. 120 A, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. This place is very comfortable and suitable for you who want to relax after working all day.


SIKU Dharmawangsa was founded by two young mothers named Navilla and Irarossa. A place designed by these two young mothers is a great place for both single and family. SIKU open Monday-Thursday at 8 am to 10 pm and Friday-Saturday at 8 am to 12 noon.


The name of SIKU Dharmawangsa is taken from the meaning of the corner because of the location of this place at the corner of the street which is located in a quiet residential area on Jalan Dharmawangsa.


This building has two floors, downstairs there is a café and on the top floor there are salons and sports studios are used as a class of belly dance, yoga, and Zumba. Not only sports studios, there are also various classes for children learning how to read the writing, English, and Mandarin.


For those of you who are single, this place is perfect for a place to release tired after work. You can relax while talking with relatives, accompanied by a delicious dish provided by SIKU Cafe.


This Cafe is quite spacious, in the interior neatly with a variety of classical style furnitures, such as benches, wooden tables, and tables made of marble stones. It has outdoor cafe styled in a relaxed nuanced using wooden tables and benches.


On the outside, you can choose to sit on a bench or sit down with a grass that although made from synthetic does not reduce the impression of nature because here you can do a picnic in the garden surrounded by green trees and plants.


After that your tongue is pampered with delicious food of SIKU Cafe and one of the recommended foods is squid rice that is very tasty.


The next activity you can do in SIKU is to follow the class of belly dance or yoga. Both activities are very beneficial for health and beauty. If you are tired of doing these activities, it’s time to pamper your body in the beauty salon.


Here you can pamper yourself from head to toe, with facial facials, pedicure manicure, spa, change of hairstyle and hairstyles and other treatments.


For those of you who are married, especially for you a mother who already has children this place is also very suitable. At SIKU Learning (SIKU Eye Level and SIKU Xue Hanyu) presents classes for your child’s learning. You are guaranteed not to be saturated waiting if your child is studying because you can wait while relaxing at SIKU cafe, yoga studio or salon.


SIKU Dharmawangsa allows you to enjoy your meal with an outdoor picnic theme with classic eco-friendly decor or can be an alternative place to do yoga so that the Dharmawangsa Siku can be an option to enjoy your leisure time.


siku dharmawangsa siku dharmawangsa

siku dharmawangsa


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