Richard Quinn who was born in 1990 is one of the designers of London Fashion Week and he was the first recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II award for British Design. His bold collection and innovative use of mold have made him a huge success since he launched his Eponym label in 2016.


He emphasized that one cannot become a designer now without thinking about the elements of sustainability and social awareness. He started his fashion career when he was awarded the Central Saint Martins MA scholarship by sustainable champion Stella McCartney.


He also added that Stella taught and educated everybody at the university about how to work by thinking about the impact of sustainability and he thinks that the more he was told things that could not be done, the more he got inspiration to work with.


After graduating from CSM, Quinn won a scholarship of £ 45,000 through the H & M Design Award and went on to invest in a digital printing workshop. The workshop uses 70% less water and 80% less energy than traditional techniques. This makes it possible to produce the right amount of fabric as needed and thus eliminate waste during work and production processes.


Richard Quinn and Queen Elizabeth

The designers from London fashion week have just made history because they have succeeded in making Queen Elizabeth arrive and sit in the front row for the first time and see Quinn’s latest collection directly.


The Monarch present the Queen Elizabeth II award for the British Design to Quinn. On the show, Queen Elizabeth sat next to Caroline Rush, chief executive of the British Fashion Council and editor-in-chief of American Vogue, Anna Wintour. The Queen looks very stylish in a pale blue tweed suit designed by Angela Kelly for this event.


This award is part of the recognition of the role of the fashion industry in society and will be given annually to British fashion designers who appear and show their talent and originality. Besides that, it also shows the value to the community towards the sustainable policy as it stated by the royal family twitter account.


Richard Quinn and Interesting Facts

Here’s what we need to know about talented young designers who care about the environment.

  1. He is a graduate from Central Saint Martins

Quinn made his name in 2016, after graduating from Central Saint Martins under the name Fashion MA. He specializes in women’s clothing and textiles and has been praised for his bold use of techniques and print designs.


  1. He was the first recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design

Quinn is the first designer to get a prestigious award. This award will be given annually to fashion designers who can show talent and originality while showing value to society for sustainable policies.


  1. He launched a high street collection this year

If you want to get an affordable piece designed by Quinn, then you are lucky because he has collaborated with Debenhams and was launched in May, a few months ago.


  1. The working studio based in Peckham

Raised in South East London, he still maintains his cultural roots by opening his studio in Peckham, where he helps encourage young people who are interested in fashion around the area.

He has an open door policy so anyone can come to his studio. He also offers digital printing services and print screens to young designers as well as print and textile workshops or training.


  1. Won the H & M Design Award in 2017

The collection he launched for Debenhams did not mark as his first collaboration. Richard Quinn had previously collaborated with H & M in the September collection after winning the H & M Design Award.


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