Aqua Vida is a brand of sportswear that is friendly to the environment, the human body and certainly reduces carbon emissions. The company was founded in Philadelphia, United States.


The development of the fashion world that is increasingly rapid in line with technological also influence a person’s style of appearance, especially women. Impulsive shoppers have sprung up as a result of massive discounts everywhere that brand owners often held in various shopping centers both in malls and in well-known boutiques.


The fashion cycle is played more quickly by many fashion industry players, resulting in the desire to shop more for fashion enthusiasts to reap as much profit as possible which is sad to admit, sometimes they are not paying attention to whether it has an impact on the environment or not. Almost all environmental social issues are often forgotten in producing these fashion items.


The tendency to produce and consume quantity-oriented fashion products is what is called fast fashion. In the Investopedia site, fast fashion can be defined as a phenomenon in the fashion industry where all production processes are accelerated to bring fashion trends that are increasingly affordable in the community.


Often we find that changing fashion trends no longer depend on the season. Within a week, it is common for retailers to display different products in their storefronts.


Aqua Vida And Environmental Concern

However, not all fashion industry players forget about social functions, there are still many and increasingly growing fashion industries who are concerned about the social and environmental impacts. One of them is from this activewear apparel brand.


We need to admit, sometimes we prefer the brand or design of the product itself, but we often forget that besides being comfortable, activewear must also be friendly to the environment and not have a negative effect on the earth. The Philadelphia fitness company, Aqua Vida offers clothing equipment ranging from leggings to shorts that are 100 percent recyclable and can be reused.


Aqua Vida and Soul Eco Amni Material

The clothing is made from Amni Soul Eco, a thread that has been developed for five years by the chemical company Rhodia-Solvay. Amni Soul Eco is a 6.6 polyamide thread that has been refined and has longer durability compared to conventional polyamides.


This material is the first polyamide yarn in the world that can be biodegradable. Its unique composition allows bacteria to digest waste materials so that it can accelerate the biodegradation process and will immediately decompose.

The new breakthrough is good news for the clothing industry because it is a continuous, major breakthrough for the entire textile industry. This material drastically reduces the environmental impact and the amount of waste remaining for future generations.


The production process is continuous and the thread is produced in a closed cycle manufacturing system, starting from collecting and recycling raw materials and waste found in water and then heated in several stages of production. This is done to maintain environmental standards throughout the industrial cycle and will limit consumption of natural raw materials and reduce the impact on the earth and the surrounding environment.


Another advantage is providing protection from UV exposure and antibacterial. In addition, the material is lightweight, flexible, dry quickly, has exceptional durability. This clothing is suitable for doing yoga, surfing or other sports activities.


Considering “sustainability” as one of the values, in addition to selling environmentally friendly clothing, they also offer yoga stand-up paddleboard classes and conduct ocean cleaning projects with the aim of removing at least 10,000 pounds of garbage from waterways by 2020.


Until now Aqua Vida has carried out 16 sea cleaning projects and they emphasized that for every dollar spent by their customers, they allocated one percent for local water conservation efforts.


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