Buffalo horns are used to make a variety of buffalo horn jewelry since a very long time. Buffalo horns are very strong and long lasting.They come with color combination and an aesthetic value which is rarely available in any other natural material. The horns have both soft and hard characteristics. Even though they are strong enough to withstand virtually any condition, the horn can be worked perfectly to form a variety of things included in making horn jewelry.

To make a different type of jewelry out of buffalo horns, the artisans need to follow a specific procedure. The first step of the procedure is removed the inner substance using various methods. The easier and fastest way is by immersing the horns in boiling water. During this process, the strong smell will occur.Otherwise, let the horn to dry in a warm condition for a few days. This process makes the inner horn softer and shrink. It is easy to remove the soft core in this way. Therefore, this kind of process takes longer time, takes patience to do this process.

We need to use another method if you are processing all the horn at the same time. Using the very old method by Dipping the horn into the water for a couple of months. While doing this process, get ready to get the really strong unpleasant smell.

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Proces of making buffalo horn jewelry

There are two methods to make horn jewelry

Hot method

It needs special equipment and skills to shape that into a beautiful piece of jewelry such as earrings, bracelet, and necklaces. It becomes easy to mold it when reaching a certain temperature. However, it demands a greater deal of experience. If it is too hot it will make the material unusable because either burn the material. Otherwise, can make a shape like a bubble on the surface. It is quite tricky, it’s like art process to heat the horn without changing their texture and original color.

Cold method

After the horn is cleaned it needs to cut into sections, depending on what type of the jewelry you want to make. Once it is cut and separately, the artisans will carry out a carving and shaping process to make any style that they want. The same like on the hot methods, it takes skills, patience and a lot of experience in the process of cutting and carving it. It needs a lot of tools as well to make this process.

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Are buffalo horn jewelry is an ethical product?

The answer is yes because the horn is ethically harvested to carve into a variety of jewelry. The horns are from many countries, Asia to Africa. They are a by product from the left over item from the food industry. One thing to bear in mind, the buffalo horn jewelry is a simply stunning piece with their adorable texture and coloration.


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