There are 9 Reasons For Why Women love gold horn necklace so much.Wearing gold horn necklace not only helps in enhancing strong emotional but also romantic feelings. It also helps in completing a woman’s outfit and make other accessories more stand out such as their bag or shoes. It makes women feel beautiful, compassionate, confident, successful, and elegant. Women who wear gold necklace consider it to be an essential part of their appearance. The modern women consider it as an important part of their looks instead of considering it just an accessory. There are also traditional occasions for wearing this gold necklace, like for family gifting, friends reunion, marriage, and religious occasions.

Woman pick gold also because it has a constant financial value.It could strengthen consumers’ decision when purchasing gold jewelry instead of silver or platinum. In addition, sometimes can be the reason why women mostly prefer the gold material to other luxury items.

Base on the  study by National Jeweler magazine, the top ten reasons why women love  gold  material are:

Express personality

Be modern & up-to-date

Be admired and respected

To feel better about their self

Sentimental value

Be cool and trendy

Show wealth & status

Make a good first impression especially on the men

Look professional at work

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Why Does the gold horn necklace can turn the skin black or green?

Have you ever had a gold jewelry that after wearing it for a while, your skin turned green or black? Did you think the reason was bad manufacturing? Well, that’s not actually the problem.

The most common reason your skins get discolored when wearing a gold material is what people call metallic abrasion. This is caused by cosmetics on the skin. Cosmetics contain compounds that are harder than the gold.So that cosmetics will rub off very tiny particles of the metal. Some small particles of metal appear black or green in color rather than metallic, so it looks like black or green dust. When this dust comes in contact with surfaces that are absorbent like your skin , this dust sticks and forms a black smudge.

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Other reason to pick carefully your gold horn necklace

Other reason that your skins may discolor is corrosion of the metals in your jewelry. The gold does not corrode, but the alloys that are mixed with the gold in your jewelry. Don’t forget that 14K gold means the ring has 58% of pure gold and 42% of not gold alloys. This alloys that can corrode are silver and copper based. This can form dark chemical compounds under some moist conditions.

When you sweat because of the hot weather or after exercise, the fatty acids are released which can cause corrosion on your jewelry. This problem is worse in semi-tropical locations and near the ocean where salt is in the air.

The last reason is chlorine in your pool. Chlorine will eat away the gold and the alloys. So if you are wearing your gold horn necklace in the spa or pool, the corrosion is happening.Therefore you need to make sure that you are staying away from this material.Wear natural material or gold that has no alloy on the metal on your gold horn necklace.

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