Jewelry is like flower decoration on the cake. It is all because a perfect way to compliment your stunning outfit. The preservatives can contain a high level of toxins and non friendly material that could harm the environment. The long horn necklace is one of wonderful eco-friendly jewelry alternative. Longhorn necklace is a great alternative. It’s made out of left over material from the food industry.

Another good reason is long horn necklace is a simple jewelry. It could appeal to a variety of women with the main purpose of creating jewelry that can be a wardrobe staple. The example is like a beloved pair of jeans or handbag.  In this modern life, a woman requires more flexibility from her jewelry. A necklace has to work on both occasions when she goes out on a dinner date on Saturday night. It needs to be still suitable when she is at the shopping mall on Sunday afternoon.

long horn necklace

Long horn necklace is not part of the fast fashion industry

The mass-produced jewelry may end up costing you more in the long run when it comes to the future of your health. The testing was conducted by the Ecology Center. It is A Michigan-based nonprofit organization that advocates for a safe and healthy environment. The result was quite shocking. They found high levels of toxic chemicals like nickel and chromium. Besides the chemical that found in that mass produced cheap jewelry, another factor is the process to consider.Also how the metal is mined in their factory. The extraction process can cause soil erosion. In addition, the loss of biodiversity and many more negative effects to the earth.

long horn necklace wooden background

Does long horn necklace can solve the problem?

In order to tackle this destruction, artisans need to be encouraged to use more recycled materials. The natural horn necklace is a good alternative of ethical fashion. The reason is that it creates a beautiful collection for a cause.  It crafted with love using earth friendly materials and time-honored skills.

Long horn necklace not only eco-friendly jewelry but also a stunning and luxury piece inspired by traditional mix with modern style. Horn necklace creating a strong yet minimal aesthetic. It hints the timeless feeling when wearing it. Delicate and tasteful designs make horn necklace is a timeless choice. Beautiful and classic items with a touch of modern vibes, yet great for any age and style.

The jewelry industry is moving towards more eco, sustainable and ethical practices. They try to make every efforts to ensure that every piece brings less amount of harm to our lovely environment.

Bear in mind, that cheap mass production in the fast fashion industry is not always the best option. Next time you want to do shopping, consider the risks of buying low cost made out of plastic or non ethical jewelry. Your health may depend on it.

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