The bull horn necklace is an elegant eco-friendly jewelry. The fashion industry loves to tell you what you absolutely need to matches: wear this adorable skirt, buy those jeans, pair that night dress with this jewelry, carry this bag and wear this dangle earring. But when it comes to talking about green fashion, they are, for the most part, silent. We all know that a green wardrobe has advantages compare to non, but what exactly are the advantages?

We’ve broken it down into four simple reasons why stocking your closet include your jewelry box with eco-friendly jewelry choices, from organic bull horn necklace to your grandmother’s 1950’s Chanel makes a difference.

Here’s one more important thing to bear in mind: Every time you spend money on fashion, you’re telling the industry what they should do. Now, don’t you want to use your power wisely? We can hurt our own planet by our buying habit.

bull horn necklace roubaix

Bull horn necklace and why is important

  1. It’s Better for our mother earth

The fashion industry leaves behind a huge bad environmental footprint from the pesticides used in material like mercury on the metal and the chemicals from the toxic that went into that perfect landfill. That can also impact the energy required to produce each piece from the modern machine factory.

Conventional factory alone requires a lot of chemicals to make just a piece of jewelry that might have sitting in your jewelry box right now? Choosing organic material or sustainable ones like those made from buffalo horn or cow bone because it can cut off the chemicals you bring into your life. There’s no doubt that’s a healthy thing not only for us but also for our next generation.

  1. It’s Better for People around

Buying green fashion and the handmade process is sustainable on several levels: You can be sure it was produced under safe working conditions, no mass factory with a lot of dangerous mercury, it’s sweatshop free, and the person who made it earned a fair wage.

That’s saying a lot when you look at an industry known for its harsh labor practices and unhealthy working environment. purchasing pieces that are considered eco-friendly material prove that people and places mean as much as or more than the company’s bottom line.

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Bullhorn necklace and another reason why is important

  1. It Lasts much longer

While buying organic such as bull horn necklace is often the least toxic way to go, finding timeless, durable pieces can be just as green. Instead of wearing those trendy organic gold mercury material for just one season, invest in classic styles, chic cutting, and foolproof colors that you can flaunt for years to come.

Reduce the left over material and cutting back on your consumerism will do more for  our beloved earth in the meaning of saving energy. In addition we do not need to stocking up on unnecessary fashions if they were made with any toxic in the process. Bull horn necklace is a good option to care more about your environment.

  1. Be unique

This criteria is the same when buying the jewelry for example bull horn necklace that will go on your neck or ear, and one of the biggest is thinking handmade. You won’t risk showing up at work in the same off-the-rack style as your coworkers, and your jewelry won’t have the eco material that shipped all over the country. The material of horn on this bull horn necklace has their own skin tones that make it unique.


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