Hermes horn pendant was created by Hermes. It’s  founded in 1837 as a harness shop and now become the leading brand for luxury and craftsmanship.

Some facts that we need to know  behind this orange box legacy

– The name. The meaning  Hermès comes from the Greek god of messengers and commerce

– The house. It was started as saddle and harness maker and now has been existence for 180 years

– The stores. Up to now there are 315 stores around the globe

– The first luxury brands that launch an e-commerce site in 2001

-Kelly bag and Birkin bag was named after Princess Grace Kelly and actress Jane Birkin.

– There is a cafe and book store inside their Paris store on rue de Sèvres.

-The original box was originally cream colored than mustard colored with a brown edging. After second world war then the first orange box came out.

– Hermes received the packaging Oscar for their folding orange boxes in 1994.

– There are at least 188 sizes of orange boxes available at their store.

– For making 1000 scarves, the Herme needs the length equal to the distance between the moon and the earth.

– The 6th generation of the family, Pierre Alexis Dumas is the company’s artistic director.He needs to prove that he was the right person for that position, not just because he is part of the family legacy.

– Pierre Alexis Dumas, the president of Hermes was the founder of The Fondation D’Enterprise Hermès. The foundation is promoting traditional skills, education, training, creative crafts, and environments concern

– On each of Hermes boutique around the world, there is always a different window concept. All have a unique setting base on the location.

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Hermes horn pendant just made your day

Is it really that Hermes pendant can make your day? Hermes is the epitome of luxury and chic, no questions. There is something to be said about the longevity and the quality of this brand’s famous designs. People are still craving and adore even after hundred years of this brand existence.

Getting this iconic jewelry still require your name to put on the waiting list. It takes a lot of patience for you before this horn pendant is in your hand.

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More about the founder of Hermes horn pendant

What is Hermes? It is intuitive. Hermès is about surprise, unexpected things, not a dogma. There are no rules. Except, however on the billiards table. One strike and you’re out, that was quoted by Bali Barret. He is one of the Hermès mastermind.

This family empire business established by Thierry Hermes. They launched its ready to wear and accessories lines which include Hermes horn pendant and silk scarves.

Hermes is steadily moving to the digital space and you can get your luxury item right to your doorstep. They have an online shop dedicated to the scarves and all their wide range of selections, the house of squares or La Maison des Carrés.

As of today, the  Hermes brand is still a synonym for elegant luxurious craftsmanship and legendary handbags makers and amazing Hermes horn pendant.

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