Maggie Marilyn is a young designer from New Zealand and she launched a fashion brand that was taken from her own name and launched in September 2016. Marilyn’s collection now available at 75 world-famous stockists including Saks, Neiman Marcus, Moda Operandi, Intermix, Shopbop, FWRD, and Selfridges UK.


Marilyn is determined not only to make clothes that look beautiful, but also to make changes for the positive impact in the fashion industry and provide an ethical footprint and attention to the impact on the environment to be the basic needs of the fashion business. A combination of strong stitches and timeless charm, the Marilyn collection is delivered with modern self-confidence and luxury, taking into account the ethical and environmental impact of contemporary fashion.


Maggie Marilyn and Her Concern for the Environment

When she first started her brand, her intention was to create sustainable and ethical clothing. She spent a year researching the negative effects of the fashion industry, not only on the environment but also on the impact on the people around. She knows that she loves designs and she likes this industry so she wants to be part of the fashion industry and has her own brand. But the only way she wants to do it is to make a positive change with her design and brand.


The first thing she did before her brand became global as it is now is that she focused first on marketing in her own country, New Zealand. According to her, the first important thing is how she can survive to make clothes in New Zealand and to build a community there without trying to make these clothes outside New Zealand even though making clothes outside the country especially in Asia certainly promises a cheaper price.


She realized that in the late 80s, New Zealand had many extraordinary factories and big brands, such as those used by Levis in New Zealand. And then towards the beginning of the 90s, everyone went to China, India, and the clothing industry in New Zealand stopped completely, and we have so many extraordinary and talented people that have no job. This is certainly very sad for her. She thinks that she loves New Zealand and she wants to be based in her own country. All her design must be made in New Zealand and this is not negotiable.


The Sustainability Elements by Maggie Marilyn

Every design she creates is always intended that the clothes can last longer and can be used many times on a different occasion because buying clothes is an investment, especially for younger customers. One example is that the clothes can be reused on a different occasion, for example, the clothing has a belt and things that can be removed so that it gives a different appearance in one design.


Another thing that is important is the sustainability factor in each season, looking for new suppliers and factories to work together and also contribute to the making that she uses. She said that everyone in their heart wanted to make a kind of positive impact. One of the biggest things that people can do is just ask where their food comes from, the question where their clothes are made, and really start doing their own research around it. Maggie Marilyn points out that “I think these little things will make a big difference. If everyone thinks like that, we can make big changes. It’s an easy thing to start.”


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