Eco-friendly wedding of the British royal family, Prince William and Kate Middleton is so inspiring. Six years ago, April 29, 2011, the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton were successfully held.


Actually, the British government does have a very high environmental sense of concern, including for the sake of marriage. Previously, the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana that occurred in 1981 ago, was also successful with the wedding style of eco-friendly wedding.


Now Prince William, Prince Charles’s first son and Princess Diana, who is also Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter, held a wedding with an eco-friendly wedding style.


1.Proposal location

Starting from the proposal, Prince William has chosen a nature reserve in Kenya. The location selection is appropriate according to him, as it has a magnificent view of the landscape. The nature reserve in Kenya proved successful in developing the concept of ecotourism, with a safari trip to see African animals.

So it is appropriate that Prince William choose the location, to apply for his choice.

  1. Engagement ring

A fiancé ring of Kate Middleton is a precious stone ring that comes from nature, the ring contains 12-carat sapphires and is surrounded by 14 diamonds. Before this ring was received Kate from Prince William, this ring belongs to the late Princess Diana, the mother of Prince William. Because the rings are made of silver and natural rocks, the reclaiming process destroys the environment, so reuse of rings reduces environmental damage.

The choice of wedding rings also comes from a fair trade system.

  1. Wedding invitation

Love and care about the environment passed through a wedding invitation letter that comes from recycled paper. The Forest Stewardship Council said that the invitation letter came from recycled paper and had international standards.

  1. Wedding dress

Kate Middleton’s beautiful dress on her wedding day is actually a dress that comes from natural silk and other organic plant ingredients as well.

While the wedding dress worn by Prince William is an old dress, not a new dress. The wedding dress is a uniform that has ever been used.

  1. Flowers arrangement and decorations

Wedding flowers are also chosen not based on desire, but they consider the amount of carbon dioxide it takes to carry it. Finally selected flower azaleas, rhododendron, euphorbias, beech, wisteria, and lilac. Because these flowers grow only in the UK and do not need to import from abroad.

At the wedding, it is also seen that large tall green trees dominate the side altar in the church. The big trees are really amazing, as they grow in the Westminster Abbey Church. The existence of the trees is in fact not separate from the intention of Prince Charles, which holds programs for organic tree enlargement.

  1. Food and beverage

Food and beverage issues are also considered carefully. It is working to have no overwhelming impact on environmental damage. Then the food and the ingredients of the drink are planted in organic ways. Even wedding cakes also come from organic food sources.

  1. Paper glass

For the ordinary people who witnessed the wedding from the outside, was served fresh drinks made from organic plants served on a glass of paper made from biodegradable. With this material, the paper glass used will be destroyed faster in the ground.

  1. Transportation

To all the Invited guests who live quite far from the wedding venue, it is advisable to take a train, instead of using an airplane. This advice is actually to reduce the use of the most widely used aircraft fuel and the most emitting carbon dioxide that causes climate change.

  1. Guest does not allow to give gifts

Guests are more advised to contribute to a variety of environmental conservation activities, rather than giving money and gifts to the bride. According to Stephanie Wear, a marine researcher who is also an observer in eco-friendly wedding, Prince William, and Kate’s wedding style is really unique, because the guests are more advised to be a donor of nature conservation activities, rather than giving unnecessary gifts.

  1. Honeymoon

The couple is also not planning a honeymoon too far away. They chose Seychelles, North Island which is very beautiful and romantic.

  1. House

Eco-Friendly is even passed on this couple when Prince William and Kate Middleton will occupy their new home, in Herefordshire.

Prince William and Kate Middleton greatly avoid the big noble-style house, which is identical to the castle that has the towering pillars. They prefer an old-fashioned house, with solar electricity and a water-saving system that saves greatly water.


Behind the success of this wedding, it has a lot of stories and inspiration that we can take, including the style of environment that they apply.  As what saying goes, the first rule of sustainability is to align with nature or at least not try to defy them.


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