One Direction, a vocal group consisting of Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and now ex-member Zayn Malik are the ones who failed at the audition of The X-Factor, a talent search event in England.


One of the judges at The X-Factor suggested that they unite into a vocal group or better known as a boy band. Once they unite and try again to audition, they qualify as a group category. At the end of the competition, One Direction was on the third-ranked. Despite being third-ranked in the competition, the popularity of One Direction beat the champion one and the second champion.


Simon Cowell, mentor of One Direction at The X-Factor immediately invited them to take shelter in the music label named Syco Record. Under the Syco Records, owned by Simon Cowell, One Direction is getting the attention of the international world and the top market for world music.


Despite their success, One Direction does not forget to share with others. One Direction often donates their income to various foundations and also often makes fundraising concerts for the affected people.


At the end of 2011, One Direction also signed a record deal at Columbia Records in North America and in 2012, One Direction’s songs also ranked first for four consecutive weeks on the Irish song rankings.


Through the British Comic Relief charity, One Direction volunteers in Ghana in 2013. In the same year, Liam Payne (One Direction) and Harry Styles (One Direction) raised funds for people affected by cancer, the results they collect approximately 10 billion.


In November 2013, One Direction also helps the burden of people affected by Hurricane Haiyan in the Philippines, by raising funds with other British artists. In 2015, One Direction briefly vacuums from the international music industry.


In November 2015, Harry Styles, one of the One Direction members helping poor people in Africa and is interested in becoming Unicef’s Ambassador in order to help underprivileged and dropping out of school.


October 2015, One Direction creates a book that tells the story of a group of frog-faced boys. The book will be sold and the proceeds will be donated to a charity association called Children In Need.


In July 2016, Louis Tomlinson (One Direction) also helped one of his fans named Georgia, who was exposed to Rett’s syndrome, the disease made physical defects and setbacks to her mental development.


Together with his mother, Louis Tomlinson (One Direction) created an internet site called Just Giving. On this site, everyone can donate funds to help Georgia. From the results obtained from the site, Louis Tomlinson (One Direction) can buy the necessary medical equipment for Georgia.


From a brief story about One Direction and their unlimited love to the environment, a lot of good things that we should imitate and do not forget to always help those who need our help.


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