Adam Levine has the full name of Adam Noah Levine. He is the son of Patsy Noah and Fred Levine and was born on March 8, 1979, in Los Angeles, California, America and he is a musician, songwriter, and singer. He is known to the world as a pop-rock vocalist, Maroon 5.


In 1997, Adam began his career by forming a band called Kara’s Flower, but the album was not successful. This disappointment made all members of the band including Adam decide to break up and have their own career.


After deciding to separate from his band Kara’s Flower, Adam worked as a waiter in Johnny Rockets restaurant for two weeks. In 2001, after graduating from Five Towns College, Adam immediately decided to leave Los Angeles and go to New York.


In New York, Adam meets Mickey Madden and they agree to create a band with the name Maroon 5. Adam and Mickey collect other talented friends in the field of music. In this Maroon 5, Adam and his friends all care about the environment.


Maroon 5 is an environmentally conscious group, and even this group has helped develop the Green Music Project through Reverb. The project is an environmental coalition of musicians promoting environmental awareness by enlarging the work of nonprofit organizations and facilitating environmentally friendly projects in the music industry.


Maroon 5 band group is also often discussed the advantages of the use of energy produced by solar power. Based on their bio on the official Green Music Project website, Maroon 5 has been a guest star for more than 60 non-profit organizations in Reverb’s Eco-Village.


In 2006 the group was also honored in the Environmental Media Awards event. The event was hosted by the Environmental Media Association since 1991. The association is a non-profit organization that believes that television, movies, and music have more power to provide environmental awareness to millions of people.


They also refuel their buses with 18,000 gallons of biodiesel. It is their way to reduce the carbon footprint of their tour trip.


In addition, Adam Levine himself has given his support to Global Cool, an interactive website that is fighting global warming by motivating people to reduce the use of electrical energy resources. In this website, Adam becomes a spokesperson and he is very eager to talk about the environment.


To maintain the condition of body and health, Adam does sports activities that are also environmentally friendly which is yoga. Body and mind exercise is also very useful to reduce stress and anxiety. Not only Adam, musicians like Demi Moore, Madonna, Roobert Downey, Jr., Jennifer Aniston, Katy Perry, and Ellen DeGeneres also do yoga. They have become a trendsetter in yoga and encourage their fans to follow this sporting event.


Adam Levine still cares about the environment even though he has a successful career. Adam Levine is a good role model for other musicians to care more about the environment.


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