The cleanest cities in Africa, maybe you ask if there is a clean city over there? if yes, which city. When we talk about everything related to cleanness, the perception of Africa maybe is not as beautiful and clean as you might imagine.


This is not only because Africa is not included in the top list in your mind as one of the cleanest cities in the world. But Africa cannot be underestimated in terms of cleanliness. This country has several cities that cleanliness is on the top list and can make people admire when visiting the place.


Based on the team that has taken the time to compile the composition of these cities the meaning of a clean city is not only free from garbage but a city that is able to give a sense of pride to its citizens and contributes positively to their overall health. Which city is that? we will discuss these cities one by one as below.


List of the Cleanest Cities in Africa

Ifrane, Morocco

The city is famous for its beautiful and probably one of the most famous architecture and alpine-esque ski resorts in Africa throughout Winter. This city has been named as one of the cleanest cities in the world. Ifrane has been praised for the quality of its water source.

It can be seen from waterfall lakes and rivers filled with fresh fish and national parks with clean and fresh air. One of the main contributors to the clean air is the fact that there is no industrial or factory operating there so it is very little or almost no pollution.

Cleanest Cities in Africa



Windhoek, Namibia

By using innovation, the city of Windhoek has adopted ways that are affordable and reasonable and can be applied by many people. The trick is to involve the community to reuse, collecting and disposing of solid waste.


Despite the worst drought experienced by Windhoek in 1996, the city manager has managed to deal with this by building three reservoirs so that water can be reused and there are more other efforts.

Cleanest Cities in Africa



Additional List of  the Cleanest Cities in Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

Although the city is currently experiencing drought, the city is still included as a clean and very beautiful city with its natural scenery. This effort was carried out by the Cape Town City government which also carried out crime prevention initiatives. The goal is that not only the public but also tourists can feel protected by the prevention.


In the 2016/15 financial year, they succeeded in cleaning up including rainwater drains, succeeding in closing the sewers, removing illegal posters and graffiti that were once scattered on walls in public buildings. In addition, their social division was involved with homeless people and helped them to move to a homeless shelter provided by the government.

Cleanest Cities in Africa

Cape Town


Port Louis, Mauritius

Port Louis is the most populous city in Mauritius but this does not stop and make this city unable to achieve one of the title as the cleanest city in Africa. Port Louis is the center for the economic, political and cultural of the country.


The city is very popular because of its wealth of history, historical monuments and buildings and the city are under the administration of the Port Louis City Council. The Department of Public Health’s city council also ensures that the city remains clean. Visitors can enjoy the central market as well as other historic sites such as the Champ de Mars which is the oldest racing arena in the southern hemisphere. It’s amazing.

Cleanest Cities in Africa

Port Louis


Gaborone, Botswana

The Gaborone City Council was very confident when placing one of the homework from the city was to keep the capital clean and well-maintained. Gaborone is one of the cities that always appears on the list of the cleanest cities in Africa. Trash doesn’t exist and everything is neatly arranged.


Gabore city council runs a cleaning campaign that includes the participation of citizens in taking part in maintaining the cleanness of their city. This city is the center which has developed gradually since Botswana became independent in 1966. Thus 5 of the cleanest cities in Africa and should be examples of how to make the city clean to reach the world level as well.

Cleanest Cities in Africa



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