Meghan Markle who married a prince made her the focus of many people. Meghan has been publicly known even before marrying Prince Harry because of her profession as an actress. However, her current status as a prince’s wife is increasingly making every move she made become the attention to the world community, including her choice of fashion style.


Meghan Markle’s choice of fashion and beauty-conscious falls into a record in the style cycle. The popular actress who is the brains behind The Tig lifestyle site (currently closed) is a supporter of vocal fashion in charge. It certainly has an impact on fans.


Meghan has a large follower and for those who want to follow her style, Meghan will surely become an influential figure in the world. Fortunately, the popularity of Prince Harry’s wife was used to make points about philanthropy through fashion. Without saying a word, Meghan has shown her support very clearly.


Meghan Markle and Her Choice of Clothing

Through the selection of clothing, she wore on important occasions has shown her commitment. For example, the time before getting married to Prince Harry, Meghan and her fiancée traveled to Cardiff. During the visit, Meghan’s fashion choices speak volumes about the cause of her choosing and will continue to fight for it.


Fashion style at that time was quite simple, ie wearing an all-black suit of elegance and paired with a bag of green forest to add a little color to the look. Though nothing remarkable about her stylish appearance at the time, but a still a remarkable choice.


The black coat she wore was the design of the famous designer Stella McCartney. The designer is known as a sustainable and violent clothing champion. Stella is well known for her commitment to designing eco-friendly fashion products.


The green bag that complements Meghan’s performance comes from DeMellier London (formerly Milli Millu). The brand donated a portion of the sale of each bag it produced to help prevent the death of children.With the appearance, she showed it made a strong point about the fashion-conscious environment and managed to give a hat-tip to the local designers of the place she visited.


Be Like Meghan Markle

If Meghan’s performance inspires you to make small changes like changing fashion to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly, you can practice the following three tips to get started.


Cloth – Notice what the fabric is made of. Synthetic fabrics are cheaper, but not environmentally friendly. Polyester and nylon fabrics are made using fossil fuels. This fabric can not break down and produce large amounts of carbon dioxide emissions-three times more than when producing cotton.


60% of our clothing is formed from harmful polyesters, hence the clothing industry is considered the second largest polluter in the world. For that, change can be done by thinking about the fabric to be worn. It would be much better if the fabric is made of natural or organic cotton that is currently popular. Try also buying silk, wool, hemp, or linen instead of synthetic fabrics.


Designers – Support local designers. Usually, clothing produced by fast fashion companies is made in countries with cheap labor prices. The import and distribution process in various parts of the world from the fashion leaves a huge carbon footprint. So, choose a local designer who has production and distribution facilities in the vicinity.


Ownership – Think first before buying and disposing of clothing. Clothing that is dumped and piled up in the landfill will clog our fragile ecosystem. The fashion industry annually generates about 80 billion clothing, sadly three out of four ends up in a landfill or burned. Before buying or discarding, try recycling and upcycling the clothes between your family and friends.


These are tips that might make a little change in the world for the better. Be like Meghan Markle who prefers sustainable and eco-friendly mode for the planet’s ecosystem to be saved.



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