Iwan Fals is a famous ballad, pop, rock and country singer in the 1970s to date. The man name Virgiawan Listanto was born in Jakarta, September 3, 1961, from the couple Lies Suudijah and Colonel Anumerta Sucipto who is the daughter of Kalibagor Sugar Factory, Central Java.


This legendary singer was active in sports activities, especially in the Japanese martial arts of Karate. He has won the National Level Karate II of 1988 and fourth National Karate in 1989.


At the time of study at STP (High School Publisistik), Iwan has entered Pelatnas (national training camp) and train Karate on his campus. Not only that, Iwan also had worked as an article writer in several tabloids and sports magazines.


He spent his childhood in Bandung and also lived in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for 8 months. His musical talent was better honed at the age of 13 years. To train his ability to play and create songs he decided to become a street singer in Bandung.


Then, came the invitation to come to Jakarta from a producer. But the album fails on the market. After 5 albums are not sold in the market, Iwan decided to work with Musica Studio. At Musica Studio, Iwan gets the attention of many music lovers. Since that time Iwan career began to climb.


The songs that he often brought are songs that contain elements of the movement of the new order regime. But lately Iwan no longer discussion the political issues in his songs, now he is more focused on environmental theme songs.


In recent years, Iwan also looks more religious and focused on environmental damage. He also did not need a big stadium to hold his musical performances. Now, Iwan even visits the Moslem boarding school more often, then giving a speech on that and at the end with tree planting in that school area.


Iwan Fals always a role model by his attitude of simplicity and scattered throughout the archipelago. In addition, Iwan always voiced about the movement of environmental care on every appearance.


Every concert, Iwan invites the audience as well as fans to always clean up the garbage after the concert finished. Iwan always asks the event committee to prepare a garbage bag in every corner so that every audience can pick up the garbage found around it.


When in Lampung, he also made a concert with the theme of “Keep the Earth”, in this concert Iwan ask his fans to keep the earth and always keep the nature.


Not only that Iwan also often make visits from campus to campus just to do the care movement about the environment by planting and caring for trees that exist around the local campus.


By implementing environmental care movement on campuses, Iwan hopes to create a young generation that keeps and preserve the environment, because their role is a very big influence on environmental sustainability in the future.


Not only the young generation, Iwan has also invited Agus Sutomopara, (Commander of Military) along with a number of other TNI personnel to conduct garbage collection activities along the Ciliwung River. Iwan fans who are members of a community called OI (Indonesian people) also participated in this activity.


In addition to the activity with environmental care in the community, Iwan also cares about the environment around his house by planting trees regularly.


If the earth is not well maintained, then there is a problem with our logic, ethics, and aesthetics. Keeping the earth as an action, do not damage the earth and its contents. Iwan Fals said, we humans are not only living for today but for the survival of future generations.


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