The jewelry especially cow horn necklace has always been a desired part of human existence from the powerful and rich to the average people.Old or young, people just love to adorn themselves with adorable jewelry. Unfortunately, most jewelry comes from a very scary and sad unconscious place. It began with precious gems and metals that are part of warfare and bloodshed or even cultivated from the very fragile ecosystem that could damage our beautiful environment.

Wouldnt you like to know where your jewelry is coming from and knowing that there has been no environmental destruction from the adorable piece that hangs around your neck?

Living environmentally conscious has become part of life for many people and has become a growing trend. It means that they are making effort to be aware of using only sustainable resources so called eco-friendly jewelry. All the materials come from the nature such as recycled shell or coconut, wood also cow horn.That could be from any piece of trash that you might think of and it is not possible to use again and become a junk.

cow horn necklace orange

Cow horn necklace is a beautiful art and serving purpose

Wearing a cow horn necklace is an expression of your own eco consciousness because there is a desire to make a difference and desire to protect the earth. This type of jewelry could decrease the need to further ruin our planet. Therefore everytime when we want to buy a piece of jewelry think about where it comes from and how actually it was made. Please bear in mind, that is important to know what your jewelry is made of. If we want to make a more effort, there are actually many eco-friendly jewelry brands that inspired by the beautiful nature. The materials that they use would most likely have ended up in a landfill had not been recycled or upcycle into a beautiful piece of jewelry.

cow horn necklace natural

Cow horn necklace is a unique reflection of mother nature

In a world where a sustainable lifestyle is very important, what better way to care for our earth than to wear an eco-friendly fashion. Don’t worry because you are not going to walking around covered with all green leaves.

This is not just a temporary trend because it’s about a lifestyle. Getting into this lifestyle means to take a special interest in jewelry made of all natural, such as seeds, wood, and horn. Imperfections on the finished product are to adore because they come naturally from the left over material such as horn or wood. This all raw materials are up cycling to avoid decomposition and turning them into an exclusive wearable piece.

Eco jewelry is more than a fashion. They are a different way of living the world of jewelry. Day by day they are gaining more space in fashion magazines.Let’s get inspired by this natural beauty and let this natural cow horn necklace to seduce you.


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