Lucy Siegle who was born November 8, 1974, in Chester, England is a journalist, presenter, and writer based in London and discusses environmental issues. She is a reporter on The One Show.


She has written weekly ethical life columns for more than a decade besides that she has also written a number of books including Green Living on Urban Jungle, A Good Life and To Die For: is the fashion wearing out the world?


As an Executive producer in the True cost movie, she is very concerned about the welfare of mainly underage workers from the owners of the fashion industry. After working for a textile company in South London, Siegle joined the Observer magazine (later changed its name to Life magazine) as an administrator in 2000.


She said that she had no ambition to write at the time but the editorial team fostered her abilities and she began writing the thing she was interested in which is the environmental issue.


She wrote her first feature in 2001 in London and then went on to write hundreds of articles, features, and works open to Guardian groups, including publications on the theme of environmental and social justice. The story includes her trip traveling with Rainbow soldiers on the Greenpeace ship and investigating the leather industry.


In 2004, Siegle became a freelance, editing section for Marie Claire UK magazine and became a columnist on the ethics of life for The Observer. This column has been running to this day and for the online version published by the Guardian.


Lucy Siegle is one of the Pioneer of Ethical Fashion

Siegle popularized the ethical fashion movement in the UK and was very critical of fast fashion brands that pretended to be ethical. She said that all movements in Britain were threatened to be bought by big brands and she is very critical about clothing recycling initiatives.


Siegle and her friends Livia Firth designed the Green Carpet Challenge which is now run by Firth and her Eco Age brand. Firth and Siegle attended the 2011 Oscar to promote sustainable fashion and have worked on other events such as Met Ball, Golden Globes and BAFTA.


Siegle also directed the short film, Green Cut, on sustainable fashion which was screened at the London 2012 Film Festival and sponsored by Amex. In 2014, she traveled to the Brazilian Amazon and on her return from there, set up a project with Livia Firth and the Gucci luxury brand to produce zero deforestation bags and was displayed at Paris Fashion Week.


Lucy Siegle and her Television Career

She is known as a reporter on the BBC program “The One Show” and one of the longest reporters because she joined since 2007. In 2009 and 2012, she co-presented The One Show on several occasions, presenting the news from the studio with Adrian Chiles, Chris Evans and Matt Baker.


In 2012, The One Show participated in The One Show: Best of Britain with Matt Allwright and looked back at some of the highlights they had discussed from the event. In England, she is also an environmental expert for Sky News and Good Morning Britain.


Siegle is known as a debate expert and public speaker, especially on environmental and social justice. She has led several debates in the fashion industry in the House of Commons and the House of Lords.


In addition, she took part in a major stage debate at the Royal Society and in 2016 interviewed Dame Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney live on stage. She also took part in the Sustainability Kering Awards in London. The totality of Lucy Siegle on ethical fashion need to exemplify and we need to participate in loving the environment by paying more attention to what and where our items come from.


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