The up-and-down popularity of this horn choker necklace has continued for centuries and now it’s back in full swing. Choker style like a horn choker necklace has ruled not only on Instagram but also on the red carpet in 2017. The classic choker has been moved to the 90’s look. The 90s look territory is minimal and natural looks.  The choker vibes are so phenomenal. From the super model to bloggers on Instagram are all wearing all this classic choker style.

The choker style has been a hot item as we can see a lot of street style shot of a super model wearing it. Bella Hadid in Johaab, Kendall Jenner in Frasier Sterling Jewelry, Ophelie Guillermand in Fallon Jewelry and Brit Maren in Jennifer Fisher Jewelry. There is more brand making choker as well. From Vivienne Westwood’s buckled and spiked leather collars to the classic style of the 1990s. The choker necklace has wrapped itself around the necks of everyone from a stylish teenager to stylish super model.

horn choker necklace bianca

Horn choker necklace is the old day’s style

This type of necklace become more popular since all the designer brings it back to the runways. Dior’s spring ready to wear collection gave a romantic look by pairing them with delicate scarves. Alexander wang Fall collection also launched the buckle leather version.It’s easy to add a 90s spin to any outfit that’s why the choker trend grew so quickly. Jessica Tse, an accessory expert at trend forecasting agency Fashion Snoops, said that celebrity factor is much a cool factor for this choker. Rihanna and Khloe Kardashian wore Fallon’s monarch choker and it was sold out immediately after that.

What may keep chokers alive is actually their detachment from the 90s. What Jessica Tse also said that choker has taken on so many shapes because there are so many ways to recreate it. When you see a woman wearing a delicate ribbon choker, we likely think of Victorian-era fashion. It can be metal, embellished or even romantic. Therefore, chokers will stick around if they continue to disassociate themselves on the certain period. It is a  become a distinct piece of jewelry.

horn choker necklace bristol

How to wear horn choker necklace

Since the 90s fashion trends made their way back to the run ways, the choker has become our throat best friends.  The perfect match is pairing it with the off the shoulder clothes. You can easily put into any style of the choker and all come in neutral color or metallics.

Here is some good boost of inspiration

-If you want to keep the vibe of boho going stronger, add a  flowy sundress and pairing with some leather ankle boots.

-Even a thin choker, choker its a statement piece.It’s a perfect thing to add to the casual laid back clothes to make it look more stunning.

– A choker looks so stunningly cute when added to a feminine outfit, like a flowery skirt and Oxford shoes.

To sum up, horn choker necklace is awesome and could give a slightly kind of edgy, fun and unique vibe and this trend will still continue this year.



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