Maori of New Zealand has been making and using this unique bone horn necklace as their jewelry. The necklaces are unique and beautiful because it has many shapes that contain a deep meaning to the wearer. The shapes are rarely seen anywhere and also has a spiritual meaning. This Maori carving is made out of jade, silver and cow bone. The designs are become so popular throughout the world not only in New Zealand.

Bone horn necklace fishhook

Meaning of bone horn necklace base on the shape

*Koru or spiral

These bone horn necklace spiral designs mean the beginning of life. The Maori have taken the meaning from the unfurled new leaf of the silver fern. It represents a  new beginnings, growth, and harmony. The most beautiful ferns are growing in  New Zealand.

*Infinity loop or single twist

This single twist represents the joining together of two people. People might move away from their home but their life journey will have their path cross again. Single twist refers to the individual people where the double and triple refers to the people or their cultures.

*Hei Matau  or Fish Hook

This fish hook represents the prosperity. The traditional food from Maori people are fish and the ownership of a fish hook symbolize the prosperity. Nowadays it also refers to the determination, good health, and strength. It provides their safe journey through the water.


This circle represents of life which symbolizes is balance and harmony. It also represents the path of life ever ongoing with no beginnings and no end. It also represents inner harmony and balance.

*Manaia or the guardian

These represent the carrier of supernatural powers.The shape is the head of a bird, the body of a man with the tail of fish means represents the sky, earth, and sea and there is a balance in between.

Bone horn necklace infinity

Bone horn necklace represents the good luck for the wearer

*Hei Tiki

The Tiki symbolic of a good luck charm and fertility. The meaning of Hei is to wear around the neck. The wearer of the Hei Tiki is assumed to be loyal, knowledgeable and clear thinking. The wearer has a strong character. This Tiki is a talisman of New Zealand and their Maori people. Based on the shape, It is widely believed that it represents the unborn human embryo. And in the Maori culture, this symbolizes a powerful spirit for guardian from the bad luck. A long time ago, tiki was made of from greenstone and was handed down through the generations. Nowadays is become one of the most popular souvenirs from  New Zealand.

* Wheku or  carved face

It is important to bear in mind that the carving in Maori bone horn necklace are done not have religious meaning.They do not represent the idols but their renowned tipuna or ancestors of their tribe.

There are many types of tribal variations in how the head is symbolism. The three main styles of the head in Maori are: the Ruru, the Koruru, and the Wheku all can be distinguished by the shape of their eyes. All of this shape is a good idea for your bone horn necklace.

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