In every country, especially in highly developed countries, it is common if there are a list of rich people, including Norway, with a list of crazy rich Norwegians. But it would be quite surprised if we mention that Norway is a center of fashion and there are a series of names of influencers who are engaged in fashion and care about the environment.


Norway is the only country in Europe where young people experience increased wealth. Not surprisingly, many well-known brands opened a branch in Oslo and more local fashion weeks were held. This change was also influenced by local Instagram influencers who have used their accounts not only to promote their own brands but also to enhance the style profile of their home country, Norway.


Crazy Rich Norwegians List We Need To Know

  1. Marianne Theodorsen (Instagram: @marianne_theodorsen)

The hope for the future of fashion: Hopefully, we will see fashion can move at a slower pace than in the past few years. I want if we can all take a step back and start enjoying something that can last a long time and something craftsmanship rather than constantly pursuing something new and short-lived.

crazy rich norwegians

Marianne Theodorsen


  1. Tine Andrea Lauvli (Instagram: @tineandreaa)

The hope for the future of fashion: we are in a time when trends are everywhere, different styles mix together, and we find ourselves everywhere, which makes the distinction not so clear anymore. The key is respect, kindness, and honesty. If everyone in the fashion business realizes this, fashion will arrive at an extraordinary place.

crazy rich norwegians

Tine Andrea Lauvli


  1. Darja Barannik (Instagram: @darjabarannik)

The hope for the future of fashion: Fashion is an eternal loop. I am excited to see which trends will be taken from history books and give new life again, and I also believe vintage clothing will be more attractive. I think we all need to educate ourselves about how we can be more aware of our choices. We need to consume less and buy smarter.

crazy rich norwegians

Darja Barannik


  1. Annabel Rosendahl (Instagram: @annabelrosendahl)

The hope for the future of fashion: I think sustainability will become more important because people become more aware of how the fashion industry affects the environment. E-commerce and social platforms offer so many opportunities for young designers and many new small brands popping up. Customers want “experience” when entering physical retail space, stores must change, become more curated and work as showrooms

crazy rich norwegians

Annabel Rosendahl


Crazy Rich Norwegians and their Instagram Goals

  1. Celine Aagaard (Instagram: @ celineaagaard_)

The hope for the future of fashion: Maybe more sustainable. The fashion business is one of the worst environmental offenders, but hopefully, we are moving in the right direction.

Aagard is a co-founder, designer, and creative director of the Envelope1976 sustainability clothing brand.


Instagram goals: I try to show that you can reuse items in many ways, a swimsuit can be the top one, a scarf, even a skirt. Vintage blazers can also be dresses if you add high heels.

crazy rich norwegians

Celine Aagaard


  1. Janka Polliani (Instagram: @polliani)

Instagram goals: Instagram is a diary about my personal style and hopes to inspire women to be themselves, not wanting to be someone else, and I always feel that normal-sized women have been underrepresented in the fashion industry.


Nothing is perfect, and to live in 2018 as a young woman must be difficult because seeing pictures of people is all edited and corrected. I tried to be a good role model and didn’t edit what I looked like. I hope I can make a small difference.


The hope for the future of fashion: I think we will see the concept of “trend” losing interest because “personal style” takes its place. I also hope that we will see “fair trade” brands and ethically defeat fast fashion brands.


That is the list of influencers in the fashion world who are often called crazy rich Norwegians who are behind the luxury style, they still carry the rhythm and soul of Eco Fashion to their fans around the world.


crazy rich norwegians

Janka Polliani

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